Dani Pedrosa refused to be too downcast after the final day of testing at Jerez and insisted he and his team need more time to learn the intricacies of Magneti Marelli's electronics package before the 2016 season gets underway.

The Spaniard encountered many of the problems from Wednesday and Thursday in the final sunny afternoon in Andalusia and admitted to losing his way after a raft of set-up changes weren't "clicking".

Such was the workload with the electronics throughout the three days, Pedrosa had little time to concentrate fully on understanding and adapting to the new Michelin tyres.

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Even after five days of testing with the new package, Pedrosa was still unable to assess the new engine, but was content in the knowledge he had acquired a great deal of information that will be studied and analysed in the coming days.

"We did many laps because the temperature was better so we started a little bit earlier and finished a little bit later," said the 30-year old. "We did quite a few runs testing some things where I was losing the way. So after a small break, we could go back to a better performance, and having a little more clear things.

"[We were] Changing many things at one point and nothing was really clicking, but this is testing. Sometimes you lose the way, you have to stop one time, reset, and start again. At this moment, still we are not clear with the engine, because with the new electronics, we are working so hard.

"We have a couple of issues in the exit of the turn, that we are not exactly sure, we do not know exactly if they are happening because of the electronics or because of the engine. In any case, the electronics are the ones we have to use, so we have to figure out the best matching.

"At this moment, we have the info, because we have been riding today, but we don't know exactly will be better fitting. We did two medium runs with each, to have a little better comparison and feeling on the track lap by lap, so we have this information. Still, I need to do the meeting so we will get some more clear direction after that."

Pedrosa set a final time of 1m 39.93s on the final day, 0.8s slower than team-mate Marc Marquez. In spite of fast one-off laps, the double 250cc world champion felt he and HRC are still far from the full potential of the current package.

"The lap times were quite similar to the old electronics on the previous days, but I don't think we are close. I think we need to work a lot. There are some areas we can modify to make the bike more gentle, to make the bike more grippy on the track.

"The trouble is that we don't know this program, the technicians don't know this program, then either me or them, they need a lot of testing to find out and figure to arrive to the point we want, or figure out what we need.

"I'm so inexperienced on this thing, also my technician, we don't know where is the limit. And what can we do and what can't we do yet. So we are a little bit finding the areas, so it's quite difficult to judge the limitations."