While the rest of the eleven riders who fell on Friday at the Phillip Island MotoGP test did so in incidents unrelated to other riders, Pol Espargaro cited a slowing Jorge Lorenzo for causing his Friday tumble.

"The only inconvenience of today was my crash. When I left the pit box, I didn't feel confident with the tyres so I came back in and we decided to use another set," began the Monster Yamaha Tech 3 rider.

"As a result, I was still checking the behaviour of the bike when Jorge passed me. I believe he put four-seconds between us, but then closed the gas in the first corner, so by corner two I was already with him and had to take a wider line to give him enough space and as soon as I touched the brake on the dirty part of the track, I lost the bike.

"It's a pity, but I'm fine and the team did a great job to repair the bike so that we could still take good advantage of the day and now I can leave Australia feeling much more confident than I was a few days ago."

Espargaro was eighth quickest on the final day and ninth overall.

"Altogether, I'm pleased with how the test went. Of course, we hoped for better weather here in Australia, but considering that the forecast for today was even worse than it actually was, we have to be happy with what we achieved," he said. "We were able to try a lot of things and to be honest I'm very satisfied with the rhythm that we managed to run.

"Also, my fastest lap time was decent so after the difficult test that we had in Sepang, we are now back to where we want and need to be. For sure, it goes without saying that we still need to collect a lot of information so that we can fine tune the electronics in a better way as it is still quite new to us, but I believe we are already working in a good direction.

"Also our tyre knowledge is very limited at the moment and especially today when the track temperature was colder, you could see that everybody was struggling a bit more. Yet, we will have to face these conditions in the season, so there are still many things to learn."


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well were is the penalty point?

His, probable, erratic, unprofessional behavior could result the next time, for another rider that will be less lucky than poll, in an hospitalization. At the same time Lorenzo thinks he can continue on and behave unconcentrated at the highest level motorsport and as a WC. He seems to have a special status. Citing Stoner "If it would have been anyone else: no questions asked."

It was AT LEAST worth a penalty point.

But hey, we know how inconsistent the "responsible people" are...They give penalty points quickly and thoughtlessly without thorough data analysis or abnormal dangerous racing behavior. Even Honda can keep data locked.

They changed the ruling, which is still weird, given that you keep points even after the actual active penalty has been given, but the list of reasons that could lead to a penalty is not provided.

...so erratic behavior on the racetrack causing a fall seems to be OK I see it as a nod from RD to Lorenzo to "not worry"