If rumours in the Argentina MotoGP paddock were correct, Jorge Lorenzo may have already decided to leave Yamaha for Ducati.

But what do you think the reigning triple champion, who has been a Yamaha rider since his 2008 MotoGP debut, should do?

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I'd like to see him go to Ducati and then have Iannone go to Yamaha and have the two friends working and racing together for Yamaha.

I also think that the money will be a big part. If the rumors are true, he will make in two seasons with Ducati what he would make in three with Yamaha. And as long as the marketing machine (Rossi) sticks with Yamaha, their pockets will be shallower than Ducati.

Or Ducati gets really serious and offers a similiar contract to Marc and we see both Marc and Jorge go to Ducati... Now that would be funny...although HIGHLY unlikely.

Unfortunately, I am a Ducati fan, but not Jorge, so I will have mixed feelings if he goes there.