Jorge Lorenzo bemoaned a lack of rear grip on the straights for denying him the opportunity to challenge his Movistar Yamaha team-mate Valentino Rossi for victory at Jerez.

The MotoGP world champion was unable to make his customary flying start as Rossi dictated matters from the front instead, pulling away to establish a gap of three seconds.

Lorenzo managed to reduce the deficit by a second in the final third of the race but says he was forced to accept second place due to severe problems with rear wheel-spin on the two straights at the Spanish circuit, which he said was the worst he had ever experienced in MotoGP.

"It was a little bit a pity not to make a good start and it was much better in the first three races. I couldn't stay in the lead and then when I tried to pass Valentino, I braked too hard and I lose the front, so I couldn't be in first position to ride a little bit better in the first part of the race," Lorenzo said.

"Rossi was faster in the middle of the race and I was losing little by little some metres and the rear tyre started to spin.

"I started to spin on the straight, but not so much, and then I start to recover quickly some metres with Rossi, but suddenly the rear started to spin the two straights so much in the centre - it never happened to me in MotoGP, so I have to slow down and be easy on the throttle in the straights in every gear," he added.

"I couldn't keep the same dynamic to catch him and fight for the win. Rossi crashed in Austin so he was 12 behind, now he is seven, and we recovered four points with Marc, so for the championship this is good, but frustrated with this problem on the straight with the rear tyre."

Lorenzo achieved a significant milestone as he claimed his 100th MotoGP rostrum at Jerez but felt it could have been even better if it hadn't been for the problems he faced with the rear Michelin.

"I am happy also for my 100th podium in MotoGP, so to get this statistic with a lot of first and second places means that I am very consistent in this category, so I'm happy with this because only three riders in history did it before," Lorenzo said.

"In the next races if I am in first row, if I can say in first position I will ride a little bit better, but it wasn't very comfortable today with hot temperatures and with the tyres, the front and the rear, I was not as fast as Rossi.

"Finally, when I was catching him, this thing happened with the rear, so the rear tyre didn't give me the possibility to fight for the win when I was coming stronger at the end of the race," he added.

"I hope that in the next race we will not have problems with the rear: I'm happy with the front because it is safer and much better, but after problems of [Loris] Baz and [Scott] Redding Michelin need to get this experience to improve now the rear."


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juggaknot: For the people talking bad about Jorge complaining about the Michelin's, just remind yourself if you're one of the ones that blamed the same Michelin's for Rossi's crash last race.


No last race Rossi said the tyres are fine, but if you make a mistake you pay.[\blockquote]

Yes but the previous race than had a mandatory bike change VR said the tires on his second bike was the reason his pace dropped. Yes, he stated a reason too. OMG whoo spooky riders know the reasons why things happen...its as if they know what they are doing!

Garry: Boo hoo, the nasty yamaha went too fast. I was going to win by a big margin but my tampax started too fall out with the vibration of the spinning rear tyre. My helmet started to fog, and my vagina was tingling. But I was going to win. I am hot happy.[\blockquote]

Another 9 year old seemingly oblivious how demeaning his comments are to women. Stop posting drivel and go live in the world of adults to understand.

SkyWilk: i don't understand why Lorenzo had this problem, and i guess he doesn't either. It seems that Michelin has been a bit of a hit and miss so far for all the front runners.[\blockquote]

How about a new cloak and dagger theory of collusion? Jarvis would rather Rossi win the WC than JL. So although he went to length to reiterate JL and VR will be treated equally it will be interesting to see how many problem tires JL will get this season compared to VR. Also interesting towards the end of year when upgrades are tried to see if JL still gets them - against the pledges of Jarvis this week.

beibs: For some reason Jorge cannot deal with losing from Rossi.

You can see it through his face how uncomfortable he feels when losing from him on equal terms.

Why not accept what Lorenzo says? He says his rear was spinning like never before in MotoGP.

All these knowledgeable people on Crash slagging him off over his reasons he was not first (and yes there are reasons for many things. Never heard or cause and effect? :mind boggles: ). All these posters having ridden the MotoGP scene for years, multiple World Championships, riding the M1 on Michelins and thus of course then able to claim to have sufficient experience and knowledge to dismiss what Lorenzo said. Ah of course not a single one of you have. And that's also the truth.

If you want to see a sore loser just look at the guy with the arms crossed over each other. It's pretty bad that there are always excuses to blame for "bad" results. Take second spot like a man, it's not bad to lose from your teammate unless he's 37 years old oh wait.... LMAO

TrueFan: He doesn't owe Rossi any respect, because Rossi has never shown him any. That doesn't alter the fact that Rossi rode a better race today.[\blockquote]

Rossi has shown lots of respect, when "Horgey" joined Yamaha it was Horgey who demanded the same treatment and salary as Rossi did. Whilst the only thing 'Horgey" was proving is how to crash and to ride with broken ankles and breaking them again. After wearing a yellow shirt when Rossi broke his leg it was only to do to get some slack and gather charisma. But "Horgey" lost all of this after stabbing in the back stuff after Sepang last year.