MotoGP World Championship leader Jorge Lorenzo says the manner of his battling victory at Mugello proves he has the stomach for a fight.

The Movistar Yamaha rider locked horns with Marc Marquez on the final lap and narrowly came out on top, drafting past the Repsol Honda on the main straight to cross the line to seal victory by 0.019 seconds.

Lorenzo said: "People who don't like you will find any motive to criticise you, but I won many races starting from the back, having a bad start and recovering a lot of positions and winning finally in the last lap: I did it in 125 and in 250 and in my first years in MotoGP when I didn't start well.

"But obviously when you start well and you have a great first lap and second lap, why would you not take this strong point as a benefit? Today I can win with not the best pace and with not starting from the pole position, so it's another motive to shut up a little bit the people who criticise without remembering the history or statistics."

Although he rates his win in the Italian MotoGP as one of his best, Lorenzo still feels his best premier class triumph was at Silverstone in 2013, when he defeated Marquez by 0.081 seconds.

"Your last victory fighting is always the best one because it's difficult to have memories in the past. I've been lucky to win races fighting and have exciting battles with a lot of riders in the past, for example I will never forget my first victory in Brazil in 2003 with this unbelievable last lap," he said.

"And in MotoGP, my fight with Marc in Silverstone, but for me this one is quite close, but Silverstone is always my best in MotoGP.

"Finally we got a battle in the last laps, some journalists say this year we didn't see this battle and finally it's nice to have this in MotoGP again."

Lorenzo admitted he was fortunate to have stayed upright after a near-miss on the straight when he touched Marquez, revealing that he apologised to the Honda rider after the race.

"At the end of the straight, normally in the braking you put the foot on the gearbox before closing the throttle to shift down the first gear when you close the throttle," he said.

"Marc was very close and we touched a little bit and we've been lucky not to touch more and crash there because it would've been a disaster. I said to him 'sorry' because I change a little bit the way I put the foot on the gearbox and this could create a big problem."

The reigning world champion says he blocked out the intimidating atmosphere at Valentino Rossi's home circuit and added that although he will ride for Ducati at Mugello in 2017, he still expects the circuit to be 'mostly yellow'.

"I don't care what the reaction of the people is; they have the theory of Rossi from last year and they buy this thing and we are like the enemies," he said.

"I have similar reaction every year and I go here and just focus and make a good race every year. I hear that Ducati fans are very happy that I signed for them so I feel a lot of support from them, but I believe also next year the circuit will be mostly yellow, so I think it will keep the same treatment but we will see," Lorenzo added.

"Obviously today I was very lucky to break in the warm-up and not in the race and Rossi for the opposite, was very unlucky.

"It's a weird situation because in just a few hours we broke two engines and we don't know the motives or what happened and Yamaha needs to investigate what is happening and if it's possible to sort in the future.

"I think today he has a good pace and I was told that on the TV it looks like he stayed quite comfortable after my wheels, so today he could stay there and maybe fight for the victory so he was unlucky."


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I was surprised Lorenzo fought so hard with Marc. Marc looked on the ragged edge and I thought Lorenzo may decide 20 points is better than being pranged and another DNF.

The fella's start made me LOL a bit! POW!

He was lucky his engine blew in Practise AND Rossi's blew in the race.

The remark shows a lack of confidence and need for admiration. He is a PR-nigtmare for a Brand.

Anyway, he did surprise us AND himself obviously that he could do that. Good stuff. His braking points were inch perfect every lap even under the Stress from #93. Rather impressive

Bobby46: Who so ever says that Jorge doesn't have the spine to fight is mentally challenged.... You just don't win three titles like that.. Jorge is a true racer and a fighter..i am a die hard Rossi fan but would give credit where it's due..i would still say Rossi had better pace today but it was just Lorenzo 's day today... So no two ways about it... Great last lap battle.. Enjoyed it.. But what I fail to understand is why is he so bothered about some idiots who boo at him... He's a world champion and hence should give a damn about guys who boo at him... Anyways great fight Jorge and congratulations..[\blockquote]

3 titles? 2 the third one was with help from a fellow spaniard.

Lorenzo shows he's a narcist. Complimenting yourself has all to do with a low self esteem, always seeking for confirmation. I already feel sorry for his team next year.

RealDrWho: Lorenzo shows he's a narcist. Complimenting yourself has all to do with a low self esteem, always seeking for confirmation. I already feel sorry for his team next year.[\blockquote]

Talking of Narcicissm, nothing like giving yourself a name like "The Doctor" then plastering it all over your ass is it?[\blockquote]

You know the series Dr Who? Probably not, otherwise you could have made the link. And not link it to Rossi ta.

hoppy: Even in MotoGP respect should be earned, Lorenzo's little ego isn't on the same level as his results....RealDrWho.

Hmm,I seem to recall that in the last 6 years,Jorge has won the title 3 times!
Correct me if I am wrong!
I would say his results are pretty good mate,but dont let that get in the way of your infantile little rant.
You are an embarrassment to Vals real fans.[\blockquote]

Who says I'm a fan of Rossi? His on track results are good, but he's ruining his career by talking BS. He was nearly crying he couldn't catch up in Jerez claiming it was like riding in the rain, tyre spinning on the straight having 80% power. Whilst the data showed that George had a better topspeed than Rossi in the speedtrap which was on the straight. Difference between Rossi and George is that Rossi dares to blame himself, whilst George is only blaming others. And that is all he has done his entire GP career.

hoppy: Realdrwho,wow what a bitter little bunny you are.
You are so typical of what I hate about Vals hard core fans.
Anyone who has the audacity to beat Val to the title is instantly labelled public enemy number one.
Pathetic mate,and we have had to put up with that type of crap for the last 6 years!
Who will be next on your hate list?
Mr Vinales I suspect.[\blockquote]

When Lorenzo came to Yamaha he wanted to be treated like Rossi ( bike development, salary ) in his 2nd season. In his first season the majority things of what he did was kissing tarmac at high speeds. Even in MotoGP respect should be earned, Lorenzo's little ego isn't on the same level as his results.

ZeFrenchAngle: Nice words from Lorenzo about Rossi's pace today and lack of luck.

As a MotoGP fan I have followed his career and know his stats, and I know Lorenzo can fight in races - I just could not believe that the commentators, whose job it is to know these things, could not remember that, automatically ASSUMING that Marquez would win the fight !!![\blockquote]

Marquez closed the gap, Marquez was faster someone who's fast has mathematically more chances to win. Just think!