Scott Redding lost two positions on the very final lap of Sunday's wet-dry German MotoGP, denying him back-to-back MotoGP podiums.

The Englishman had vaulted up the order after pitting for his dry bike before the lead group, ultimately putting him second to Marc Marquez with six laps to go.

But the Pramac Ducati rider, using intermediates front and rear, was then hunted down by the lead group upon their return to the track.

Redding held on until the very final lap, when both Cal Crutchlow (slicks) and then Andrea Dovizioso (intermediate front, slick rear) overtook him.

"Me and Cal were side-by-side going into the braking area. I had an intermediate, he had a slick. He was going to win," Redding said.

"I didn't expect Dovi to come past. I didn't realise he was so close. Again, there was nothing I could do. It was all straight-line speed. He just f**king bombed me. That was with the lack of rear grip and acceleration coming down the hill.

"I felt like I was robbed. But this is part of racing. It just feels bad at the moment."

Redding, who crossed the line 0.379s from Dovizioso and 2.135s from Crutchlow, added:

"I look at the small details, like when I messed up the start. That cost me one second. Then when I went out on the intermediates I nearly ran off the track. That cost me another second. There were a lot of little things that I could have done.

"But then I also took some chances and didn't expect to be where I was. It paid off in a way. I am happy. I finished fourth in MotoGP. If you said that to me yesterday I wouldn't have believed you.

"It's just a bit bitter, knowing that I could have been second with that gap. But there was nothing I could do."

Redding wasn't the only Pramac Ducati rider wondering what might have been on Sunday, with team-mate Danilo Petrucci crashing from the lead on lap 11.

By Peter McLaren