The frustration Jack Miller felt at finishing seventh in the German Grand Prix after leading the race with six laps to go was tempered by another strong showing - his third on the bounce - at the Sachsenring, complimenting his two strong races in Barcelona and Assen.

Putting his renowned wet weather skills into effect in the first two thirds of the race, Miller inched his way toward the front group from 16th on the grid, and showed a measured, mature approach by staying behind the leaders to assess when to make his move.

Although the Marc VDS Honda crew signalled for Miller to pit when Marc Marquez was proving slick tyres were a better alternative to the disintegrating, the Australian chose to stay out. He admitted soon after that had been the wrong decision.

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"There are definitely mixed emotions after a really strong race," said the 21-year old. "We didn't do anything stupid. I just tried to do my own work. To miss out by that little bit... It was my own mistake. I should have pitted earlier but we didn't do it. It's just a shame to have it end like that.

"It was a strong race for us in both conditions. If we had just pitted a little bit earlier the result could have been different. Anyway, we've learnt a lot from today. It was the first real flag-to-flag race for us.

"I've got a lot more to learn, as we saw, but it was definitely a good weekend for us. It's really improved my confidence. I felt good on the bike all weekend and I'm looking forward to the Austria test and also the summer break.

"It's really good to end the first half of the season well after a really difficult year. We've had three really strong results for us so I'm happy.

"The team had [signalled on the pit] board well before the four guys in the group pitted. I thought, 'They don't know what they're talking about!' It was still wet on the circuit! It was a shame to end it like that. I should have listened to the team. They were watching the timing screens. They knew what was really happening so it was silly mistake by myself but a good result, like I said.

"I came back out on full slicks. I saw some of the guys like Vale and Iannone on intermediates. It seems to me that they fell apart toward the end as well. I could have gone with slicks a lot earlier but it was just a rookie earlier on my behalf."

Outside the top three, Miller was the fastest man on track in the closing laps, with his speed showing on the final lap as he picked up two positions.

"I passed Hector at the start of the last lap then Vale at the end of the last lap. I had Dani right there. I almost could have got him at the last corner but it was too wet there. One more lap and I could have got him as well.

"I had really good pace once I got back going on the slicks. It was a bit of a shame but that's how the cookie crumbled today. After last weekend's it's hard to get any better than that. Today, I'm disappointed but if you look at the big picture it's a big boost for us.

On having a three-week break to aide the healing process of the leg he broke in January, Miller added, "It would be good to keep this ball rolling and this confidence roll. It'll also be nice to have a little break. It's a bit of a shame after the last race that we had that gap. It was a little bit s**t but I'm looking forward to a break.

"I'm going to get back to training and that. Then I'll come back to Austria even stronger and hit the second half of the season right on the head. The leg's getting close.

"It's running at about 85 to 90 percent now. It's not perfect but not too bad. I just don't quite have the side motion that I want with the side rolling, when I'm hanging off the right hand side of the bike. We definitely need to work on that a little more but we're doing the best that we can with what we've got."