Reigning world champion Jorge Lorenzo put his latest wet race disappointment behind him by returning to the top of the MotoGP timesheets during testing at Brno.

But unlike team-mate Valentino Rossi, the Spaniard did not try the new Yamaha chassis, which the Italian now hopes to race 'as soon as possible'.

Lorenzo was quick to extinguish speculation that he may have been 'denied' the parts due to his forthcoming switch to Ducati.

"No, I don't think that was the meaning," he said.

The #99 revealed that he and Rossi already use different types of chassis design - as is also the case for Repsol Honda team-mates Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa - and that the new development is even further away from Lorenzo's preferred frame.

"Theoretically, [Rossi] prefers... We have a different direction in chassis. I understood that he tried another step, in his direction, with this new chassis. So Yamaha have no meaning for me to try this chassis. That's why I didn't try.

"I didn't like the previous step, so theoretically another step would be even worse [for me]. Theoretically. You never know because you don't try. But for [Yamaha] have no meaning. So I don't care so much."

The explanation made sense, but perhaps also indicates that Yamaha will not be building any more chassis in Lorenzo's direction...

The Spaniard was coy about what he did test during his 43 laps, the best of which put him 0.371s ahead of Rossi, but admitted to finding something 'positive'.

"My programme was to try many things and see if they give us benefit. Some of them did. Some didn't. We are positive because we found something that can give us more speed and we can be more competitive in the next races."

Like Rossi, the 29-year-old felt the development 2017 Michelin front tyres were a clear improvement and believes it will be 'better for everyone' if their introduction can be brought forward to this season.

"If they can it will be positive," he said. "The new tyres have a little more absorption over the bumps and slightly more grip on the edge in the centre of the corner. With throttle. They will be better for everyone I think."

Lorenzo's 17th place on Sunday, after front tyre woes on the drying track, means he dropped 59 points from Honda's Marc Marquez and lost second in the world championship to Rossi.

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By Peter McLaren


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Well well, it must have been a dry day, with perfect conditions.

I remember Jarvis saying JL would be treated equally to VR when news broke officially of JL going to Ducati.

Then a few weeks later I remember reading an interview with Jarvis where he said the above, but later in the same interview said JL wouldn't get the new chassis after the Brno race.

So I have no idea why JL is saying these things now - can't believe he didn't know.

SmoothCriminal: Imagine something like this - "Yamaha will not be building any more chassis in Rossi's direction"...can't imagine the outcry it would've caused in the ValeYellow46 community.[\blockquote]

mmmh, it looks more like Lorenzo isn't even interested in trying whatever is available. Furthermore it looks like he dropped in performance after him signing for ducati. Other than that he is a pity-full appearance in the rain. Why throw more money at him just to allow him to become 2nd instead of 3rd? He can't be a world champion anymore and Rossi is more consistent and faster overall this year.

Looks like Climate change is getting to Lorenzo :D