MotoGP title leader Marc Marquez saw his chances of claiming Silverstone pole disappear when he fell from his Repsol Honda during a wet qualifying.

Watching from the sidelines, the Spaniard was pushed back to fifth by the end of the 15-minute shootout - but believes he can fight for victory in the predicted dry conditions for the race.

"I was very disappointed because in [the wet] FP4 I felt very good with the bike. But then the mistake maybe was that before qualifying because we decided - and I completely agreed - to make a change on the bike," Marquez explained.

"But the problem is that we didn't consider that maybe there would be more water on the track. And then when I go out in qualifying I felt the change was not working well, but in 15 minutes you need to stay out and try to improve.

"I did one lap more-or-less fast. And when I see that I already had a good lap time I tried to push and I crashed."

The accident brought a disappointing end to Marquez's Saturday track time, which began with a pace-setting performance in the dry morning session.

"In FP3 we did a huge step, we changed quite a lot the bike and I feel much better," he declared. "Also the lap times; I was fast and consistent. The only question mark I think for everybody is that nobody did more than ten quick laps with the tyres. So we don't know whether to use the soft or hard rear. Because the hard rear looks like - okay it can be more consistent, but [the grip] is also dropping a lot.

"So it's difficult to say what will be possible in a dry race because we don't know the pace of the others, but I believe I can fight for the victory. The podium is the main target, but if everything is there why not the victory? I will try."

Marquez holds a 53-point lead over Valentino Rossi, who will start from second on the grid.

By Peter McLaren