When all was said and done, Alex Lowes could reflect on another positive day aboard Tech 3's Yamaha M1, during which he continued to turn paddock heads.

Further improvements on Saturday morning were soon followed by a commendable effort in qualifying, having had just one wet session prior to the 15-minute Q1 shootout.

The Englishman qualified 16th, just one place behind temporary team-mate Pol Espargaro, with a fastest lap that was just 0.029s off that of the former Moto2 world champion.

"I'm quite happy with myself," came Lowes' modest assessment, reflecting on an afternoon that also included placing twelfth in FP4 - his first session aboard a MotoGP machine in wet conditions. And the 25-year old was right to be so.

"I'm pleased. It was hard going into FP4 and then Q1 and it being the first time I rode the bike in the wet. In the qualifying, I was thinking a bit too much about the bike, and how I felt on the bike, and I was going to come in and change something, and I had 15 minutes.

"After the session, I didn't feel like I had done as good as I could have had in the qualifying. But then after I looked at the situation, it was my first 15 laps, or 20 laps around the track in the wet, first time on this bike in the wet, first time on these tyres in the wet, and everything's quite a lot different.

"So to be that close given that it was my first time, I think it's quite good. I'm quite happy with myself. But honestly, I really enjoyed the bike, I felt good on the bike, I felt like it suits my style quite well. Tomorrow's going to be difficult again.

"We didn't get FP4 to put a lot of consistent laps in the dry if the race is dry. So it will be a difficult race if the race is dry. There's a lot more things that you have to do during the race than on a Superbike, but even already in FP3, I made quite a good step compared to yesterday. It'll be interesting to see how we get on tomorrow."

On taking a 260bhp machine around a bumpy Silverstone in cold, wet conditions, Lowes said, "In the wet, it's totally different. I don't think I'm showing what I'm capable of, in terms of, if I had a proper test, I think I could have done a good job. But everyone's going to say the same.

"I'm really lucky to have the opportunity I have, I have to do the best job that I can, and go in each session one step at a time, trying to improve, understand the conditions, understand the bike.

"That's the best way to try and impress Yamaha, the team, whatever. If I just go as fast as I can, I can maybe crash, I don't think that's the right way. I'll see what I can do in the race, obviously I've got next weekend as well. So I need to keep improving each time.

On improving his technique in the dry he added, "On the bike I still feel a bit strange. I leave pit lane and I don't feel mega comfortable. But every time I go out, I feel a lot better. Even in that session, I improved my times from yesterday after a couple of laps, even if it was a bit cold. I feel like I'm improving all the time. That's all I can do really.

"Honestly, I don't know how fast I can ride the bike, I don't know how much I can learn, but I can only do the best I can with the laps and the session I have. My understanding of the bike is getting better, but if I'm riding to the best I can ride, impossible.

"I'll be riding the Superbike a lot better, because I understand everything. Obviously I've got next weekend, but I've got to keep progressing. I'm not stupid, every time I go faster, it's even more difficult to go faster. So I have to keep trying to learn as much as possible."