Ducati's Andrea Iannone was left to rue the return of an old arm pump problem after he slid out of second place in the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Iannone had made eye-catching progress on the GP16 and picked off Dani Pedrosa, Marc Marquez, Valentino Rossi and Cal Crutchlow to go second before his race ended prematurely on lap 14.

The Italian rider explained: "I'm also very happy because I ride very well; I have a very good speed for all the race and I control a lot from the first lap. Also before the crash I control a lot but my big problem is that from nine laps to go, I have a big pain and don't have control with my arms. I have a very big problem and I have two solutions, stop and come into the box because I ride with my left hand and I am not in power. It was very difficult to control the bike, to change direction and I arrive always too late.

"Or, the last solution is continue the race and I ride at the best and try my best. I had operation [for arm pump] but it's first time since 2013 it comes back, but it comes back very strong. After five or six laps I have a little pain but from nine laps I have a lot of pain," added Iannone.

"Unfortunately, when I arrive before the last corner and change direction I arrive a little bit late, I touched the bump and lose the front. I try my best in the last five laps but very difficult to control.

"The positive point is that I don't push at 100 per-cent, I push at 80 per-cent so I'm very happy because I arrive for the race in a very good way and overtake in a good moment but it was unfortunate for the last part."

His team-mate, Andrea Dovizioso, finished sixth after also suffering from pain in his right forearm during the race.

"After powering away well at the first start, I wasn't able to repeat it the second time around and was left a little bit behind, so I lost touch with the leading group," he said.

"I had to push hard to try and close the gap, but I wasn't able to ride well. Half-way through I began to have a problem with my right forearm and from that moment onwards my race turned into an ordeal. I feel bad for the team, today we could surely have got a better result, but I was just unable to push hard enough," Dovizioso added.

"I almost crashed a number of times just trying to stay in sixth place, because I was struggling to keep the bike under control. It was a pity, because judging by the pace of the guys in front of me, we could have had a chance of fighting for second place."