Scott Redding refused to be overly downcast in the wake of a disappointing home grand prix that yielded no points thanks to two separate crashes.

A promising free practice and qualifying had Redding aiming for a top six finish. Indeed, his start to the race suggested that a strong result was within his reach.

However, the race stoppage ultimately put paid to the 23-year old's chances. A change of soft rear tyre for the restart not only left Redding with a vague front feeling, but a lack of rear grip.

"It was really strange," said the 23-year old, who first crashed at Vale then Village before remounting to secure a finish, albeit out of the points.

"In the first race I felt good. I had a good start, good grip and I was ready to go. Then in the second leg I put a different rear tyre to start again and I didn't feel great, even on the warm-up lap. We were struggling with rear grip everywhere. I couldn't get it to load or turn.

"The first crash it just loaded, then released and the front was gone. I managed to get going again. I was braking, started to tip in and then that was it. There was no warning, or anything. I don't know whether it was coming from the front or the rear. I struggled with that feel.

"I put the same compound in the rear but a new tyre. That's why it was strange. I was braking on the back straight. The front was skidding. Something I hadn't experienced over the whole weekend. I'm just disappointed it happened at my home GP. I had a good run of good races. We'll let this one go and come back next week.

"In the first race I felt good. I was pressing forward and making moves on people. The second race was the opposite. I was crashing left, right and centre. I don't know really what I pace I could have done. If I had the feeling of the second race I'd probably have crashed again and again and again [in the first]."

Redding has just four days to wait until he can attempt to rectify the result at Misano, a track where he scored a famous MotoGP podium in a flag-to-flag race in 2015.

"We'll get back on it in Misano. It's a track that I quite like. Hopefully it suits the Ducati quite well. We'll try again. I'm not unhappy with today. At least I was trying. I did the best I could in this race. It happens sometimes. I crashed, got back up and crashed again. I didn't want to pull in. I wanted to keep going even though it was tough."