Andrea Iannone is hopeful there will be no repeat of the arm pump issues that hindered his British Grand Prix at home in Misano, and feels Ducati can continue its strong run of form.

The Desmosedici GP16 was proving quite the handful around Silverstone's bumps and fast changes of direction, with Andrea Dovizioso also suffering from similar issues.

Iannone pointed out that he has just experienced this issue at Brno, along with the UK, and is hopeful that Misano's less demanding layout will equate to no physical problems.

"From the past I don't have pain in my arm. But during the race in Silverstone it was very difficult to control everything, especially from nine laps to go. I had a lot of pain and I didn't have strength, nor the power for braking. When I realised this, everything was difficult.

"During the change of direction from the first and second corner, and the first part, when I crash in this point it was difficult. I was very slow in the change of direction and had less energy, especially in my left arm. With the right it was difficult to control the bike. In the change of direction I was a little bit late, touch the bump and lost the front immediately. I think this is because my arms had a lot of pain.

"Silverstone have a very strong acceleration point. When you pick up the bike you have a long straight. The acceleration with the Ducati is very, very strong. Also in the changes of direction the bike is a little strong.

"The most important thing was in Silverstone we had a lot of movement, especially of the last part of the corner, where I pick up the bike. The bike have a lot of movement and it was very difficult to control.

"I think this is the problem at the moment. We don't have this problem at all the track. I think Silverstone was the worst. Also in Brno. At the moment these two tracks were the worst for this problem."

Both factory Ducati riders tested at Misano before the British Grand Prix and Iannone feels the shakedown will benefit his race set-up for Sunday.

"I'm happy to be here because it's our home GP. I think we have a good chance to continue this positive period for us. In these last three races we've always been at the top and we fight against these best riders, best bikes. This is positive for us.

"Before Silverstone, we rode here. We had a positive feeling with the bike on this track. But we didn't have a reference without Honda and Yamaha. I think we improve a lot in these last three races. We fight on the top and I think this is also a good track for us.

"I just tested a setting for the race and we focus on this. We try the tyres, two or three different settings. We improved the bike but not a lot. We haven't changed a lot the bike in these last three races.

"I think we have a good compromise and this is positive. We haven't changed the setting much track to track. More or less the bike work very well with the small changes in all tracks."