Jorge Lorenzo said his runner-up finish at Aragon came as a surprise with the Movistar Yamaha rider expecting to finish 'sixth or seventh' in Spain.

Lorenzo edged team-mate Valentino Rossi to second place as he closed the gap to the Italian in the championship to 14 points as they dispute second place behind title favourite and Aragon race winner Marc Marquez.

A crash during morning warm-up ultimately proved an unlikely positive for Lorenzo, who explained: "Sometimes a negative thing creates a positive thing and today the crash made me do two warm-up laps to try both bikes because normally we just make one warm-up lap in dry conditions, but today because we wanted to check the crashed bike we made these two. I felt okay and when I tried the first bike with the hard rear tyre I felt finally okay because during the practice I didn't like the feeling with the hard.

"When I tried the second bike with the soft I didn't feel the same, I felt the bike more moving in the acceleration and braking," he said. "It was difficult to choose in this situation but finally my instinct after the crash made me make this race: fast from the beginning and constant and I put everything on the track."

"Finally in a very difficult situation when we expected to finish sixth or seventh, the race can surprise you and we finished in a positive way in second and very close to the winner. I'm delighted, I'm very happy and we saved a very difficult situation."

Lorenzo was involved in a fierce scrap for the lead on the opening lap with Marquez and Maverick Vinales and acknowledged that no-on was prepared to give an inch.

"At the beginning, nobody wanted to get passed and Maverick, Marc, myself wanted to stay on the lead and it was very aggressive: I had fun on the first laps. Then the race was stable and I didn't have the same pace on the full tank like Rossi or Maverick, but finally every lap I felt better and better and I could brake later," Lorenzo said.

"I recovered the gap with Maverick and Valentino but when I passed Rossi, I started to slow a little bit and dropped in pace. Rossi stayed behind and I knew he wanted to try in the last laps, so I was lucky this time that he made this mistake in braking because I am sure our fight will last until the last corner."

In an unpredictable championship that saw eight consecutive different winners before Sunday's race at Aragon, Lorenzo said anything can happen on race day even when a podium finish may have seemed out of reach.

"I was really focused to ride at my best, even in a track with this bike that didn't give me good confidence. Everything can happen in this championship this year; nobody expected Dani to win in Misano and today we expected him to stay with Marc - the two Hondas fighting for the win - but he was 17 seconds from the leader.

"In this championship you always can be faithful that you can make a good race when you are on the back [foot]."


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Codger: Bri t....fair comments and I'm inclined to think that you are right. If I may take issue with your final comment though.

What gets to me about this stuff is that nobody seems to care about Rossi's situation. Nobody seems to consider that there might be some truth in his allegations against Marc's riding. Whatever us punters think comes down to who we support as to who we believe.
Whatever the truth of the incidents it should be borne in mind Rossi feels that he suffered the loss of a potential 10th Title, and feels it very deeply.

You mean this " I think VR brought the sport into some disrepute and angry tribalism which nobody should want". Well I don't know what VR could have done about the reaction MM may have had to VR saying disrespectful things about him. But I don't think the OTT move on track did anyone any favours and it was the wrong thing to do. I like hard racing but that was something else and stirred up a lot of animosity in race fans.

crashnetdummies: You can see JLo's body language that he's very angry with VR this year. Most of the time it's Rossi who's been trying to establish a semblance of communication between them but there's nothing to do. JLo avoids eye contact or even mention Rossi's name unless he's forced to (by the stirring media of course) I don't know what happened behind closed doors during the off-season but JLo will talk one day hopefully. [\blockquote]

Not surprising. Hell, Rossi discredits his 2015 WC publicly. What sort of respect could he expect from Lorenzo?[\blockquote]

Yup. Pre-race interview with VR on BT Sport still saying 'they stole the championship from me' and I don't think he meant MM and 'his team'.

Codger: On reflection bri t my appeal for explanation comment could be read two ways.
I was saying that Yamaha had every right to be miffed at one of their riders trying to get the other one banned.[\blockquote]

That requires a long reply Codger (how 'Professional' Yamaha want to be/seem and where their values lie overall, and with respect to their two riders and the sport) and fwiw my comment about Yamaha being up to no good was from JL point of view in standing idle with the VR/MM coming together. Personally if I were the embodiment of the Yamaha Factory Team I'd have understood why JL felt this way and openly stated this and maybe have taken some action against VR. But that's my Professional angle and my values. I think VR brought the sport into some disrepute and angry tribalism which nobody should want.

Codger: Good to see lots of punters defending Jorge ( or are they posting just slag Rossi )

Jorge tried to get into the race control meeting against the Yamaha teams wishes.
Jorge tried to get his team mate banned and said that the back of the grid penalty was not enough.

Can somebody explain why it is acceptable to do those things and Yamaha be OK with it ?[\blockquote]

Sounds like your saying if Yamaha are considered to be upto no good then they should be left to it? (aka This Organisation I'm in are doing bad thing but I'll just pretend it doesn't happen - we all know where that attitude leads in this world!) JL used his right in the free world to speak out about something he saw as unjust. And I don't blame him.