Cal Crutchlow battled to a solid fifth place at Aragon but afterwards the British rider admitted he had hoped for 'a little more'.

Crutchlow slid off during Q2 on Saturday at Turn 1 and felt he blew his chances of a front row start, which he says cost him the chance of fighting for a podium on the LCR Honda in the race.

"I didn't get away with them and then I got stuck behind Dani [Pedrosa]. I didn't get a great start and then I thought I could cut back around Turn 2 around the outside, but Dani was really hesitant so he was picking the bike up and I was on his outside and lost some positions," said Crutchlow, who started the race from seventh on the grid.

"I tried my best to battle back but our bike has no acceleration and no speed and it took me a while to get past a few of the guys. When I was behind Dani I thought I could be doing around 1'49.0 - those sort of laps times for five laps. I could not get past him because of acceleration and I think that was clear to see from Turn 15," Crutchlow said.

"Once you lose the front guys, you're not gaining it back. Overall we're happy enough but I aimed for the front row yesterday and I thought that was our chance to get on the podium - to get away with the other guys and go with them, but I didn't get away with the other guys and we weren't on the podium. It wasn't a bad race and top five is not easy to come by in MotoGP. We're happy enough, but I wanted a little bit more."

Crutchlow suffered with an overheating front tyre in the race and also experienced problems with the Michelin rear.

"I made sure I finished, but I kept overheating the front tyre when I was behind Dani and Aleix [Espargaro], and Dovi [Andrea Dovizioso] at the start. I had to back off a little bit to get it to cool down.

"As soon as I passed them all it felt fantastic, but I just never needed to push then. As you can see, it wasn't very good for Marc [Marquez] either. We went asymmetric and it worked in one area but I have to say I don't think it was the right choice today. We ran the [front] medium this morning and yesterday in FP3 and it was fine, but we thought we would have an advantage with the 'H' and in the end it turned out that we didn't really have an advantage," said the British rider.

"We thought over the distance the asymmetric would be better in braking but we lost so much turning, [but] my rear tyre was the main problem: I couldn't et it to work and I told them on the starting grid that it didn't feel good and we were looking at maybe changing it.

"Dani said exactly the same and changed his. I had a fantastic one the other day but today I had a not very good one at all: I couldn't get the left-hand side to work at all and the warm-up lap was a disaster. The for the first eight laps o the race I couldn't get acceleration to get the drive on the guys to pass them and then you're on the front brake and overheating the front tyre.

"We beat a lot of guys that we're pleased to beat. I think we did quite a good job, essentially we were all struggling, even Marc, but he just made it work. I targeted this race for a good result and we got a good result."


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