Movistar Yamaha team manager Massimo Meregalli admits to being very impressed by new rider Maverick Vi?ales, who was fastest on his M1 debut at the Valencia MotoGP test.

Had any doubts over the depths of Vi?ales' talent persisted before Tuesday, surely they were dispelled here, as the 21-year old posted the fastest time of the day, having turned his first laps on the Yamaha M1 that morning.

Vi?ales took little time to get up to speed, eventually ending the day just 0.02s faster than new team-mate Valentino Rossi, with the Movistar Yamahas finishing first and second.

Speaking at the close of the day, Meregalli said Vi?ales' speed came as little surprise. It was his ability to feel any changes made to the set-up, and his conviction in deciding whether they were better or worse that stood out.

"It was very good," he said. "I mean we didn't have any doubt about his speed but we couldn't have expected that he would be so fast from the beginning.

"Another aspect that really impressed us is that he is really sensitve in the changes, even if he didn't do many. But every time they changed something he could feel it. And based on out information, the answers he said were right.

"He's very sure when he said whether it is better or worse. This is really important, especially during a race weekend when you don't have a lot of time and you need to speed up the set-up of the bike.

"Anyway, he got used to the bike quite easy. That is really good. He didn't make mistakes. So for me, even though it is only one day, it has been the perfect day."

Along with getting to know the M1, Vi?ales spent his first day working with new crew chief Ramon Forcada, the man partly responsible for Jorge Lorenzo's three MotoGP titles, along with the other members of the Majorcan's crew.

Asked whether he saw any similarities between the two riders now residing in the factory Yamaha garage - Rossi and Vi?ales -, Meregalli continued, "It's difficult to compare [Maverick with Rossi]. But I studied him and it's too early to judge.

"Ramon said that he is sure and sensitive. Sometimes when you change something and the rider starts doubting, saying, 'Ah, this is better, but this isn't...' so far, the things that they changed, he could feel.

"The answer was always very clear. Good or not good. Thankfully they were all good. Well, so far!"