The Superprestigio dirt track is one of the few remaining motorsport events where riders from various disciplines compete directly against each other.

The fourth running will take place in Barcelona this weekend and see AMA Flat Track ace Brad Baker once again go head-to-head with MotoGP world champion Marc Marquez.

The Spaniard is rightly hailed as one of the most naturally talented riders on the planet. If he had been born in California and not Cervera Marquez could well be a superstar of American Flat Track - the most prestigious form of dirt track - rather than MotoGP.

So how might Marquez fare as a Flat Tracker, where speeds can reach 140mph on mile-long ovals? Speaking in Valencia at the end of the MotoGP season, Baker gave his assessment:

"I'd probably have more of an advantage on the bigger tracks compared to the MotoGP riders, but I think that on a short track with a 450 Marc could qualify in an AMA event.

"Marc does well at the Superprestigio, but he trains on a track that is exactly the same as this. With a different size of track, different surfaces it would be a whole other ball game.

"He'd be able to figure it out no problem on a 450. On a Mile though... he'd be shaking in his boots if he was sitting on a twin!"

Baker won the first Superprestigio, was forced to miss the following event due to a shoulder injury (Marquez took victory), then returned to beat Marquez again last year.

Picture by Steve English