Photo by (and used with permission of) Steve English.

Aprilia has become the second factory to unveil its answer to MotoGP's new wing ban.

After Yamaha revealed a new fairing with integrated winglets during the opening test at Sepang, Aprilia gave a public debut to its design on day two of the Phillip Island outing.

Like Yamaha, Aprilia is channeling air through new 'ducts' on either side of the fairing. But the intakes on the Aprilia wings are much larger, far more intricate and located higher up (in front of the handlebars), compared to the Yamaha.

Below the inlets is what appears to be a wing-shaped 'lip' running across the width of the bike, just above the front wheel.

While the Yamaha wing sections are an 'add-on' to the normal fairing shape, the Aprilia modifications stick to a more normal fairing outline.

Aleix Espargaro previously stated that the new fairing 'simulates almost 55-60% of the winglets'.

Such special fairings are allowed since the new rules only ban aerodynamic devices 'protruding from the fairing or bodywork and not integrated in the body streamlining'.

Technical director Danny Aldridge is the sole judge on whether a fairing fits the new criteria.

Suzuki have also said they will test a special fairing this week while Honda, Ducati and KTM remain tight-lipped.

Only one fairing update will be allowed during the racing season.

UPDATE: Suzuki later revealed its winglet fairing design.

By Peter McLaren


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