Alex Rins is confident he has made sufficient progress with the right ankle he fractured three weeks ago to ensure he can finish competitively in the Grand Prix of Americas.

In person, the improvement in condition was obvious. Walking freely to his media debrief on Thursday, Alex Rins was moving without the aid of a crutch and appeared more comfortable than the hobbling figure in Termas de Rio Hondo.

The former Moto3 runner up spent the time between the Argentine Grand Prix and his trip to Texas practicing trials in Andorra in a bid to aid movement in the joint he fractured in a training incident three weeks ago.

And returning to the Circuit of the Americas, where he won the Moto3 encounter in 2013, and the intermediate category three years later, Rins is confident of a strong result in just his third MotoGP race.

"Now it's a few weeks since the crash and it's OK," he said. "In Argentina I felt a lot of pain, it was really hard for me, and also after the crash I was trying to continue but it was impossible. Anyway I arrive here without expectations.

"For sure I have some pain, but not the same pain. At home in Andorra I was trying to do a bit of trials and was good. For sure when I was putting the foot on the floor I was taking care, but I feel more recovered than in Argentina.

"This track is special for me because I win in Moto2 and Moto3. I love this track. We will see what happens. I will try to do my best. Try to learn the circuit with this bike and try to go step-by-step faster."

While he can boast of a stellar record around the Texan track, Rins is pragmatic and knows the lengthy, 20-corner track will be a real test of his physical condition.

"I don't know because also this track has a lot of changes of direction and for the pressure of the boot maybe it will be difficult. I need to check, I need to try. For sure I arrive happy because this track is special for me. I like. I get two wins, in Moto2 and Moto3 and we will see what happens.

"Will be difficult for sure all the first sector here, but I think I'm better than Argentina. I feel less pain so we will see what happens. If I feel too much pain I'll have an injection for the race."

And his expectations for the weekend ahead? "My expectations, first of all I will try to see how the foot is because with all the chicanes and changes of direction it's difficult for the pressure on the foot. But we will see and I will try my maximum, for sure if I feel pain I will get an injection for the race.

"I'm a fan of this track. It's special. I don't know why, the lines or the chicanes. I don't know but I like it."

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