Scott Redding believes low tyre temperatures were partly to blame for his difficulties in the early laps of the opening two MotoGP races of the season, and is confident a different pre-race routine could cure the issue in Austin, Texas.

The Englishman has enjoyed a solid start to 2017, posting two successive top ten finishes, which have been enough to push him into fourth in the world championship standings.

Nevertheless, Redding pinpointed a lack of feel with a full tank of fuel in the opening laps of the race in Argentina, and believes better results could be gained if he could set his mid/late race pace from the opening laps.

"We've been checking to improve it," said Redding on Thursday. "Tyre temperature seems to be the problem for me. Last year I always put the tyre on the grid, but this year, I felt that going out on the tyre and doing an extra lap would get it ready, but actually, we see the first laps of the race, my tyre temperature is still too low, so it's not working.

"Also the first sighting lap, I try to save the tyre, but actually I need to push the tire more to get the temperature up. So there's a couple of key things I feel I can work on for the weekend.

"And also doing some practice sessions with more fuel in the bike to get me used to it again, because the mid race is not where you win or lose, it's the beginning and the end, how the tire wear is going and how you can use the tire in the beginning. And I am struggling.

"In Argentina, the guys are going away and I have nothing for them. I'm just being a bit held back because the tyre's not working. I go in the warm up and I had just over half a tank of fuel in the bike and I did a 1'39.9, and then go into the race and I just about got into a mid 1'40.

"And it shouldn't be that way, if you can do it once you can do it always. With the Michelins, they are very sensitive to how you use the tyre and how you can get it to find the right temperature."

Redding refused to get overly excited by his current championship placing, and insisted his overall targets for the season were being assessed on a week-by-week basis.

"The first few were quite mixed up in MotoGP. It would be nice to end fourth in the championship, but it will be very difficult. But let's see. There's a lot of action going on at the front, people trying to prove different things and different strategies, and also with the rookies, there's a lot going on.

"To be honest, the championship thing is something I visualise during the winter, thinking, OK, I want to be there in the championship, because to me, I work better on a race by race.

"Because in the end, the season is like a marathon, it's not one race that makes a championship, there are a lot of races combined, there's weather conditions and all sorts of things can happen that can change. So I do like to work on a race-by-race basis to set my targets."

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