Having sampled a MotoGP bike for the first time since 2011, Sylvain Guintoli was amazed by the power delivery of Suzuki's GSX-RR around the tight, twisty Jerez circuit, labelling the machine a "beautiful, little missile."

Currently competing in the British Superbike Championship with Hawk Racing Suzuki, Guintoli was called up to stand in for the injured Alex Rins, who is currently recovering from a fractured left wrist.

The Frenchman will deputise for the team at the next MotoGP race at Le Mans, and was given a chance to put the bike through its paces on Monday at the post-race test at Jerez.

"Well, even though I've been riding different bikes for quite a long time I had quite a bit of apprehension," began Guintoli, just 2.6s slower than Maverick Vi?ales' fastest time of the day.

"It's understandable because I haven't ridden a MotoGP bike for a long time. The Michelin tyres I haven't ridden for a long time. I didn't really know what to expect. The bike felt great.

"It's a beautiful little missile and it's very sorted. It felt beautiful. Now, the work starts. Today was really about getting comfortable and now we have to push ourselves a bit more."

Guintoli posted 37 laps on Monday, and was pleasantly surprised by his best lap time of 1m 41.260s, posted in high afternoon temperatures.

"2.6 is close and it's far! To be honest, I though I'd have been a lot further than this. I'm not surprised but I'm surprised at the bike, and the power. The power is huge. It felt fun. She wanted to be pushed. It just felt so beautiful.

"This bike, nothing compares to it. There's power everywhere. And it's controlled and delivered in a way that is unique. In that respect it was very impressive. Then the work for me now is going to work on the feeling, especially the front tyre, to understand this better.

"I didn't want to take a big risk today. But we're going to have to get there at one point and I'm going to have to understand this. This is our next step now.

"It just felt, I mean this is probably also the character of the engine. Its smoothness. In some respects, it's like the road bike, the GSX-R. I don't know if you've tried it but it's kind of like linear torque from a very low range.

"For road use or track use, it's really interesting because you can use this strength from the low revs. From that respect there are similarities. This is a very powerful engine."

On his first impressions of Michelin's MotoGP tyres, he added, "It was a long time ago [when I last used Michelins]. It was 2002 and I was on the 500cc two-stroke. And since then I've had many, many falls on my head. I don't remember so well!

"But they turn. This is a beautiful bike and I really didn't want to make a mistake straight away. In that respect I was a bit intimidated and they gave me confidence. So, everything works quite well."

Depending on the rate at which Rins recovers, Guintoli could stand in at Mugello too. He is scheduled to test again at Jerez on Tuesday.