Cal Crutchlow described Friday as a 'wasted day' and bemoaned the timing of the French Grand Prix at Le Mans as wet weather plagued MotoGP Free Practice on Friday.

The Englishman was 13th fastest in FP2 as the rain fell heavily, conditions in which Crutchlow normally thrives. Still, the LCR Honda man, a former podium finisher in France, wasn't overly concerned, and instead questioned the timing of the race weekend, which is normally affected by weather on at least one of the days.

"A wasted day," began Crutchlow. "I learned that this afternoon I wasn't fast enough for some reason, when I'm always fast in the rain and the mixed conditions.

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"I didn't take any risks this morning, at all, because it could've been one of those sessions that can easily end your championship quite fast when there's no need. Sunday's not going to be like that, I don't think.

"This afternoon, for how many problems I had, the pace was good. You have to do a lot of laps to generate heat into the tyre to go fast, but I had a... I'm not saying a problem with the tyre... but I had a really, really bad feeling with the tyre.

"For some reason I kept losing the bike in the middle of the corner off gas and then I couldn't open the throttle. We'll investigate it, but I'm confident I could've been really fast today if I needed to be. But I didn't need to be. I got some information, rode around and tomorrow's another day.

"A wasted day, again at Le Mans. It's just a joke, I don't know why we come here again at this time of the year. First of all, obviously I really believe we should have a race in France, I like coming to France, the fans are completely mad and I have a good rapport with them.

"But I don't know why we come here and I don't know why we come here now. No idea. Every year, I can't tell you a year I've raced in MotoGP where it's been sunny all weekend, I don't think.

"Unfortunately for us they've signed a 50-year agreement or whatever they've signed for here. I love Le Mans, the history is superb, bike racing at Le Mans is massive as well as car racing. But the circuit's no good. It's stop-start and the time of the year's always raining."

Crutchlow is still placed inside the overall top ten thanks to his placing of fourth in FP1. He does, however, foresee a hectic FP3 as riders from eleventh and below scramble for a top ten time.

"FP3's going to be a qualifying session. Complete qualifying session. I'll be surprised if some people don't use three soft rear tyres tomorrow morning. They'll treat it as a qualifying and want to be in the top 10 and we won't be doing that because we need to work.

"I feel I have good pace at the moment, I have good pace on the bike, I didn't have a great feeling this afternoon, but I feel something was a little amiss. But that's not to say we wouldn't have been competitive if it was a race. I just never took the risk, because I never needed to."

By Neil Morrison

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