Johann Zarco used the post-Catalunya test to focus on suspension settings on his Tech 3 Yamaha as the MotoGP rookie strives for a better feeling with the satellite machine.

Zarco, who finished fifth in the race, said he was specifically hoping to improve braking and corner entry on the M1.

"Yes, try to feel good when you brake, when you open the gas. You can play with the front fork and the rear shock. It's always the balance of the bike. Having a good race yesterday but everybody is struggling, me too, it's a good feeling to be on the bike just the day after," Zarco said.

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"I worked with the same tyres during the race, and the feeling was good. Waiting to have warm conditions between 12pm and 2pm, and I enjoyed it a lot. I'm happy about what we did, and really the control on the bike has been one of the best of the weekend. The race weekend was sometimes a little bit stressful, now with a hot race and good result, it was easier to try things.

"[I was looking for] feeling, I want to say. When you feel good on the bike, you can control it even when your tyres even drop down. So this feeling to feel strong when you brake, like this you can control the bike in the entry, and I think if you have this kind of control, then you can manage so well the corner speed and the exit," he added.

"And we can see that in the race, when you have this kind of control on the brakes, it's easier to fight. Because with the slipstream and overall, when you fight with the Ducati, you arrive so fast at the end of the straight compared with all the laps before during practice. So you need to brake stronger, and if you don't feel comfortable on this area, then the race is even more complicated."

Zarco said he was unable to shed light on where the factory Movistar Yamaha machines of Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales were stronger than his own M1, although he was aware both riders 'struggled' at Catalunya in the race.

"I don't have enough experience to analyse that, so I don't know. I saw yesterday that they were struggling so I used my advantage and got a better position, but it's difficult to feel a difference on the bike when Yamaha are doing changes on the bike," he said.

"It's almost something you cannot see and you need a lot of experience I think to analyse what is the best or not."

Zarco hurt his finger in practice but says the injury has not given him too many problems on the bike.

"[I] Just used some painkillers to not have a problem and stop it from getting swelling. But this week I will maybe fix it and not move it any more until Assen. So that's some luck in MotoGP, we don't need to use the clutch when we ride. Need to be careful, but not too big a problem to ride. I don't know where, but I think it's just a little break."

Looking back at the race, Zarco said that while it was difficult to set up his Yamaha at Catalunya, Texas still posed the biggest test of his debut season to date.

"I struggled a lot. It has not been the hardest race, because Texas has been more difficult physically, but it has maybe been the race that I was the most stressed, because I could not really find a fantastic solution to set the bike. So I got some panic, but then on Sunday, I could cancel it and do a good job. I learned a lot, I think."