Following yesterday's news that MotoGP champion Marc Marquez has finally switched away from his 2014 chassis, it appears that all Honda riders are now using the same frame.

"I'm not using the 2014 chassis, I'm using a small evolution from that chassis. Now I'm using exactly the same as Cal," Marquez had said.

After qualifying at Assen on Saturday, LCR's Cal Crutchlow revealed that all RCV riders are now on the frame he race-developed during the second half of last season, after it had been turned down by the Repsol riders, taking two wins.

"Who took that chassis and said we need to continue with it?" said Crutchlow. "Dani went back to it at the start of this year and Marc's on it now... Jack and Tito. They are all on it."

Crutchlow is the only Honda rider with experience of another MotoGP machine and his development efforts were a crucial part of the 'upgrade' to a HRC contract for the next two seasons.

"The two guys that everybody says are freaks on bikes, completely the most talented, are Marc and Casey. And they are the only ones that have been able to manage [this Honda]," Crutchlow added.

"But maybe that's also one of my jobs, to try and help build a bike that's easier to ride. Because when they go and take some of these younger riders in future years, hopefully they will find it easier to adapt to this bike.

"Honda are working hard on that, it's just when. At the moment Marc is the only one competitive week-in, week-out."

The Englishman admitted: "Every corner Marc does, he does better than every single other Honda rider.

"Sure, my riding style is more like his than Dani's style is, but the lean angle Marc enters the corner, how much he closes the front tyre and how much he slides on the exit and stuff like that. And he stays on the bike.

"Honestly me, Dani, Jack and Tito can probably do one corner per whole race weekend, the way Marc does every corner. It's just the way he rides. Just special."

Marquez was second in Saturday's wet qualifying session at Assen, when the next best Honda rider was Crutchlow in eighth.

"Not the greatest day. I didn't feel good in the wet at all. I don't know why. I had a bad feeling at the end of FP3, I crashed and it never improved and Qualifying was a disaster. No grip at all," Crutchlow said.

"I came in and changed the tyres, to the hard, to see if they worked. I went faster but simply because I pushed. I was on the limit but not that fast at all. I just didn't have a good feeling with the bike or tyres, hard or soft."

The #35 does however have a much better feeling in the dry, conditions which are currently forecast for the race.

"I feel good in the dry. I feel competitive and think we can do a good job. I expect to be there in the dry. Maybe there are a couple of guys faster, as you saw yesterday Maverick was really fast. Marc's good a good pace also. But I felt strong yesterday in the dry. Hopefully some people will make the wrong tyre choice if it's dry and hopefully I won't!"

By Peter McLaren

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Of course he's better than U CC , he's a champ.

Great run down on the honda riders from the expert.