The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya looks set to be resurfaced ahead of 2018, and could ditch the chicane added towards the end of the lap.

MotoGP switched to the slower F1 layout after the tragic death of Luis Salom, who fell and then followed his bike into the airfence at the penultimate corner during practice for the 2016 Moto2 event.

The Barcelona F1 layout uses a chicane as its penultimate turn, plus a tighter corner at the end of the back straight.

After using the F1 chicane in 2016, a new MotoGP version was created for this year's event... only to be abandoned after Friday practice, when some riders also aired strong feelings on the state of the track surface and response of circuit management.

To remove any doubts over its 2018 MotoGP event, the circuit has pledged to do a full resurfacing and look again at the penultimate turn. The 'permanent' solution will either involve another chicane design or the restoration of the original corner, by increasing run-off at the scene of Salom's accident.

This would require moving grandstands and convincing riders that enough extra room has been found.

Since there is no opportunity for further run-off at the end of the back straight, it seems MotoGP will continue to use the F1 section.

Jerez, another low grip venue due to the age of its asphalt, is also expected to be resurfaced for the 2018 season.

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If the add extra run off is that chicane even needed even for F1?

It adds nothing to the circuit. If you get rid of that chicane, you can then move the wall further back from the back straight, therefore use the old corner... simples!

It would be feasible to abandon the chicane and reprofile the last turn to make it a sharper corner. This would require the riders to negotiate the penultimate corner in a different manner so as to have braking done for the last corner. This would decrease exit speeds from both corners so that less run-off room would be needed.

Great news, bring back the old layout, destroy run off and put gravel there, that'll do fine. Pushing stadium away for more gravel room isn't worth the money. Kind of Salom's incident is a combination of several small factors coming together in same place same time, so it's not gonna repeat easily, specially with bumps disappearing from resurfacing its gonna become very rare.

Good to see circuit owners finally starting to realise that if they run F1 and MotoGP at their circuits then they need to cater for both and this is going to mean more circuits need to be resurfaced more often.