The start of the 250cc Indianapolis Grand Prix has been delayed due to pouring rain at the world famous American racetrack.

Sunday dawned dry but, as forecast, rain arrived shortly after midday, bringing the 125cc race to a premature end and quickly increasing in intensity by the time the 250cc competitors assembled on the grid.

Due to the strong winds and torrential rain, the 250cc riders have now returned to their pit garages. The latest news is that the 250cc race will now be held after the MotoGP event, which is due to start at 3:00pm.

The MotoGP riders have already warned that they will not be able to race if, as on Friday, heavy rain floods certain parts of the new Indy circuit.

That means one and a half hours for the Indy weather to improve if the MotoGP race is to go ahead.

Fortunately, weather radars suggest that the rain will indeed lighten and could be gone altogether by around 4:00pm.