Andrea Iannone believes he made a significant step with the Ecstar Suzuki at the Sachsenring that will stand him in good stead as the MotoGP World Championship resumes at Brno this weekend.

Iannone says he is ‘perfectly focused’ after the summer break and the Italian is feeling upbeat ahead of the Czech Republic round of the championship.

“I’m happy to get back to racing and I feel enthusiastic because I think that on Saturday in Sachsenring we could discover something important for my GSX-RR, that I may find a better feel with it and ride more confidently,” he said.

“I used this break to train a lot. I also took a rest especially to calm my mind, but the main focus has been the physical training. Now I feel perfectly focused.

“The circuit of Brno is one that I like, so I’m happy that we start again from there. In this second part of the championship we have to produce better results than in the first nine races. I know that the whole team is eager to have some positive results as much as I am,” Iannone added.

“That allows me to feel very comfortable getting back to the paddock. We are going to begin a tough challenge. We have to improve our performance and our results, but I’m confident we have all the potential to succeed.”

His team-mate, Alex Rins used the summer break to concentrate on his fitness after making his return from injury. The premier class rookie is now hoping he can make up for lost time in the second half of the championship.

“This year’s vacation has been very different from what I was used to, just as the championship has been very unusual for me,” said the Spaniard.

“The various injuries I suffered since the end of 2016 marked and changed my whole calendar, so it likewise affected the programme for this summer break. I tried to work as hard as possible to completely recover from the arm and the ankle injuries, as well as getting physically toned.

“To be honest, I truly enjoyed this training period. Now I feel stronger and fit, I was also able to enjoy some riding on motorbikes besides cycling and the gym.”


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Would be great to see Iannone mix it up with the top 3 top 5 like both the GSXRR (if really not different from last year) and he is capable of.

I read elswere that Crazy is setting faster laps than Mav did last year.


My thoughts in this new website .....

I read elswere that Crazy is setting faster laps than Mav did last year. My thoughts in this new website .....  there should have been mojis here, but they don't work it seems.

Why can't I edit my posts now. ?

Hoping what they found over the summer break was enough to give both riders a better 2nd half of the year.

@Codger I could never edit mine anyway

Navel.........perhapps yoo Arr a Bettre speler than mee, and dont nead to edditt ??

Coming with the words "I've found something" sounds so meaningless no matter who it comes from. Spit it out man, What have you found? The bike, 6 eggs  or a new job!


6 eggs ?? :)