On Friday at the Czech Republic MotoGP, Yamaha YZR-M1 Project Leader Kouji Tsuya revealed that Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales did re-test the 2016 chassis earlier in the season.

Both factory stars had struggled badly in hot, low-grip conditions at Jerez and Barcelona, while Tech 3 rookies Johann Zarco and Jonas Folger remained competitive on last year's bikes.

Although the option of changing back to the 2016 frame was frequently played down at the time, Tsuya stated the Movistar team-mates were indeed given the old chassis - alongside two new designs - during post-race testing in Barcelona.

"At Barcelona, we stayed for two days of testing," Tsuya said. "And there we compared, with both riders, four chassis: One was this year's chassis, one was last year's chassis that Tech 3 are using, and we also prepared two types of new chassis.

"Finally, both riders chose the same chassis, which was one of the new ones. And now both riders are using this same chassis."

Vinales (three wins) and Rossi (one win) start the second half of the season second and fourth respectively in the ultra-close championship standings. Zarco and Folger are sixth and seventh in the standings, as the top satellite riders, with one podium each.


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This is where it's hard to understand Mav. He was given 4 chassis to test including the 2017 one which he used to win the initial races. But he still complained after the Barcelona test as if he was forced to switch to a chassis he doesn't like, when in fact he made his own choice. And he was so secretive about it, preferring to use it as an excuse when things don't go his way.


Which frame they choose will be down to where they test. Each frame obviously have it's strengths and weaknesses. With the way technology has advanced there is no, one fits all, solution. We saw that back when Michelin were making tyres to suit individual circuits. At this rate we will end up with completely different bikes for different circuits.That is how rediculous it is becoming.

This is what they call progress!,

Luvnit.....mind you, progress is supposed to go forward !

If petrucci's fairing is anything to go by then all hope is now gone.

There's only so many ways to make a bike go fast and handle well. it isnt a given that the current year's chassis or next years is better than last. Moores law does not apply

Maybe the machines are fighting back!! Enough is enough!!,