More often than not, placing 1.6s off the race winner would be cause to celebrate in Cal Crutchlow’s camp, but the Englishman described his mood as “disappointed” on Sunday evening soon after he narrowly missed out on a home podium at Silverstone.

From the very start the Englishman was involved in an absorbing five-way scrap for the top honours in the MotoGP encounter, and found himself within touching distance of Valentino Rossi’s Movistar Yamaha and third place when starting the final lap.

And while the 31-year old had intimated today’s race would be win or bust after qualifying on the front row, Crutchlow felt a late lunge would have been too risky. “It would have ended in tears,” he opined soon after the race.

The frustration stemmed from an age-old problem: an front tyre that was overworked and overheating in the high afternoon temperatures due to his late-braking prowess, and need to make up ground on corner entry, due to the Ducati and Yamaha’s drive on corner exit.

“I’m disappointed,” said Crutchlow, fourth and just over a second and a half from the win at the chequered flag. “I came here to win but I finished fourth and didn't even get on the podium. We have to be happy in a way with our weekend because we were consistent and fast and able to be competitive; just not competitive enough on the Sunday to be able to challenge for one reason or another.

“The front tyre was too soft for us and me and Marc were concerned about it at the start of the race. We did a good job of saving it but when we are behind the other riders it gets worse and worse. If I was at the front of that pace I would have been a lot better than being at the back but you cannot pass because the tyre was getting worse and worse.

“I waited quite a long time to see to if theirs would drop as well and then in the last five laps our rear tyres was melted because you have to ride in a different way because the front is not great and you spin the rear a lot. That was the end tale. We didn't have enough grip.”

On where he was losing out and gaining compared to competitors Ducati and Yamaha, Crutchlow continued: “It was clear to see. I was struggling in the change of direction and then getting off the corner. I was late on the direction change a lot of times but we were way better than them in the braking but that's where we have our front tyre problem.

“We always know that if they are on the hardest front tyre and me and Marc will need something harder and it wasn't available. We were using what we had last year and the track temperatures was twenty degrees higher. I think we did well to manage. I could have easily gone down and there was a part of the race when there were four of us with about five laps left I still thought I could win.

“I had a decision to make on whether I should start lunging at people or finish the race. Yesterday I said ‘win or bust’ but when you are in that moment you are always waiting for something to happen in front. I thought they were going to touch and I’d pick up the pieces.”

Crutchlow, who secured a famous home podium at this race a year ago, revealed he was anticipating a showdown between his own LCR Honda RC213V and HRC colleague Marc Marquez in the final five laps, but ultimately was unable to make that decisive move.

“I was honestly thinking ‘wait until the last five laps because that's when we’ll be the strongest’ and it was where we were the worst," he said. "Simply because they had better grip. I was being held up by them but I couldn't pass them. I could pass Marc but not the others.

“I honestly thought it would be a showdown between me and Marc in the last five laps. When Marc was out of it I thought ‘I need to press on’ and I did and caught them again – because I made a few mistakes – but I could not pass them. It’s as simple as that. Their packages were too strong.”


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thanks for the run down on MM ,for gods sake stop it !

It was clear to see from about two thirds in that Cal was beginning to struggle to hold a line, so it was unlikely he'd be able to make passes towards the end. Still a strong race from him though, he kept pace with the class leaders all the way today, so not a performance to be disappointed in even if it wasn't the dream result.

I could have been on the podium.

"They were holding me up but i couldn't pass them" "They had stronger packages" Huh?! I was waiting for a showdown with Marc. HUH?! will this dude ever get off MM's jock. He talked like he was so much faster than the 3 that finished ahead of him.  jokes! Just jokes!

Yet week after week he continues to be a force to be reckoned with within MGP. And all you have is a keyboard. As the orange man says,, SAD.

It's a bitter pill for Cal to swallow, but today there were four riders that set up their bikes better and rode them better. One of the four had a failure so he got a bonus position. That's all there is to it really, Cal rode a great race but just not quite as well as the other four guys.

It seems to me that Cal seems to have become more frustrated since signing with HCR.

My gut feeling, and especially so after seeing how much time HRC Tech Director  - for REPSOL Honda, not LCR Honda- Mr. Takeo Yokoyama spent yakking with Cal all during practice and qualifying. 

I know that Cal did the majority of the 'donkey work' testing for HONDA to aid Marc and Danni prior to signing with HRC...and I can just imagine how hard HRC is now riding Cal to extract every last iota from him, primarily to assist Marc.  Cal probably feels 'unappreciated'...

Well, Cal is very well compensated, no doubt.  I thought he ran a very good race today considering that he was the top Honda finisher in 4th.

He didn't stand a chance in fighting with Marc, if not for the blown engine Marc would fight for the lead with Dovi and Cal would be a distant 5th. Sometimes Cal needs a bit of reality check

Despite all the somewhat , in my opinion, spiteful comments he was top Honda and beat Pedrosa on a full factory supported machine, two factory suzukis and Jorge Lorenzo on a factory Ducati.......and only a couple of seconds off first place after the entire race while riding a satellite  bike and having to live test new parts for other people...what a loser.....!!!!!!!!!!

CC has a works bike !  He has said so.  Satellite team tho.