Andrea Dovizioso believes the 2017 MotoGP championship will be “completely open” until the final race weekend at Valencia, after Sunday’s British Grand Prix saw the dramatic five-way title fight take another dramatic turn.

Just when it appears that one rider is gaining a foothold in this year's running of the premier class, issues deriving from the bike, tyres or conditions conspire to blunt that momentum, as most recently witnessed by ex-championship leader Marc Marquez’s costly engine failure at Silverstone.

The reigning world champion’s first DNF since the French Grand Prix in May allowed Dovizioso to re-take the championship lead for the first time in this season’s second half. The Italian now sits nine points clear of Marquez, with Sunday runner-up Maverick Viñales just four back of his fellow Catalan.

And even in spite of his recent run, Dovizioso is “convinced” this year’s series will not be decided until the very end, with Valentino Rossi (fourth overall, 26 points back) and Dani Pedrosa (fifth, 35 points behind) still in the mix.

“Now it’s a little bit longer the championship,” said Dovizioso, basking in the delight of a fourth victory of the year. “But I’m convinced until done is completely open. Every race can change everything. Look at Marc. The last few races created a gap and looks like was the fastest. Today have bad luck, but this is something can happen.

“So, it’s completely open but we speak too much about the championship. I don’t think is still the right time. Everybody have to push 100 percent and try to get the maximum because the championship is still the points are very close. Six races is a lot of points. We have to think still race by race.”

Viñales took heart from Yamaha’s recent improvements at a one-day test at Misano, stating, “we are coming” ahead of the final six races of the year, his second place in England breathing fresh impetus into what was a flailing title challenge.

“Finally six races [and] a lot of points [remain],” said the Catalan. “We are quite close, especially in the championship. The first five riders still they are really close. So, we have to try and work really hard as this weekend and as I said, trying to improve the bike.

“The manufacturers improve it so much during the summer break and looks like we’re struggling a little bit more, but now we are coming. I know when our bike works we can be very strong. It’s what we have to do. Now six races to go, we have to come back stronger and trying and challenge every race.”

In the post-race press conference, Rossi opted for a light-hearted response to the question at first, stating, “I hope to arrive in Valencia with the top five riders equal in the points and make a very good weekend with the good weather Friday and Saturday and Sunday morning start to rain a lot. I hope this championship will decide like this in Valencia.”

But the Italian had previously played down his chances of a famous tenth world title, pointing to his recent difficulty in preserving the rear tyre for a race’s duration as the reason behind his scepticism.

“Yeah. I have [a] 26 points [deficit],” he said. “Is not a lot. Seven races to go, six maybe now, are a lot. But for me difficult. I’m not strong enough in the last laps for fight for the championship. So, I am not far but I am fourth, so is difficult.”


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Dovi '17 champ

If it can't be Rossi, I'd rather it be Dovi over MM93 or Vinales.

from top 5 in deserving the WC i would say MM deserve it the most. and i hate it to go MV way since hes an arrogant a-hole already. dont think its a VR year. definatly not DP (even with his podiums) 

they say its still 5 riders - but i only see 2 constantly there. MM and AD- i think its only between them. MV will be a fluke - a sad fluke.


MM or AD. I don't think the Yamaha is good enough this year.

The championship is a lottery now which is great for us fans. It's a mind game, the guy with the most confidence will be the guy who has worked with his engineer the best and set the bike up the best. At the moment, the two guys at the limit are AD and MM.

No denying Marc's unbelievable talent but to see the changes Dovi made in his approach to racing makes him the best rider this year in my eyes. I will always admire the rider who works hard to achieve what others simply have naturally.  Hayden was that way!  It would be nice if Rossi would win it cuz then he would retire and I could finally have a break from the constant pole smoking his fans give hime.  Dont your knees hurt?  

Go Dovi!!

be better if you retired from whining about the fact that the greatest overall rider has the most fans

LOL...Nice!  Oh I totally respect his achievement. Incredible longevity and Best Rider least until maybe Marc breaks most of his records.  Just looking forward to MotoGP without him thats all! Its just that most of his fans are bandwagoners..."Im gonna start watching MotoGP, who should I root for?" And somehow they will superficially land on Rossi, instead of looking at the depth of the field, and rooting for the easy choice so that they can show up at a race wearing yellow just to fit in.  Toyota Camry is a pretty popular car...doesnt mean I am gonna buy one.  The worst is seeing little kids being forced to wear Rossi garb by their mis guided parents...its liking forcing a kid to go to Catholic school or to eat liver with onions...just cruel cuz when Rossi doesnt win the little tyke starts balling his eyes out! CHILD ABUSE!!  LOL.

@ TwistedWrist29 beautifully put, lmao