Misano runner-up Danilo Petrucci questioned whether or not he should have slowed to allow fellow Ducati rider and MotoGP title contender Andrea Dovizioso into second place.

Dovizioso, who finished third, is locked in battle with Marc Marquez and Maverick Vinales in the championship.

Pramac Ducati’s Petrucci revealed he considered letting Dovizioso past on the last lap, but the Italian said he was unsure if this would present a ‘good image’ for the championship.

“I have to be sincere, I thought about it and I hoped Andrea was close, but I think Andrea could fight for the championship without my help this time,” he said.

“Maybe I will be more happy to be more important for him in the next races. I was thinking about it, but I tried until the third sector of the track to pass Marc because I was watching him and he was taking a lot of risks.

“I thought OK, maybe he will go wide in one corner and I will try to go in, but he didn’t make any mistake. First of all, I don’t think it was a good image for the championship to give the position on the last lap – we are all fighting for something here. For sure, I said I want to help Dovi for the championship but if I let him past in the last corner, I don’t now if this is a good image for the championship.”

Dovizioso, now tied with Marquez at the top on 199 points, had no gripes, saying: “Danilo did an incredible race and it is good to see him on the podium and second.”


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Just to make my position clear, I wanted Dovi to win the race. That doesn't mean I would want Petrux or anyone else to hand him a position on a plate. I fundamentally disagree with that idea. Every rider should achieve the best result he or she can achieve in every race, without exception. Otherwise, you end up with the "team orders" BS they have in tossula one.

I wouldn't have liked to see Petrucci give up a place and I don't agree with having team orders in this sport or any sport. That being said, to see him willing to give up a position for his teammate during the race just to assist him shows what a classy guy he is. That win will definitely come.

Agree with Truefan 100%

In my view Danilo should not be talking in this way. It cheapens Dovi's effort, it cheapens Ducatis' effort as well.

Nobody on here wants Dovi to win the Title more than me.......but without help from others.

Had he held on and beaten Marc which looked quite likely for most of the he'd have helped Dovi more.

I'm not sure Gigi would agree.

He was going to help Rossi a couple years ago as well. What's all that about? Maybe he should concentrate on himself a little more and he might finally win a race.

Hey it's a fair point about the help and well remembered Wob.

I am a Ducatisti. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I eat sleep and drink Ducati. I've even worked for them at race events.

Of course I wanted Dovi to win or at least score big. I would not have begrudged Lorenzo his debut win had he kept it upright. 

I know that Ducati Corse had the ability to get a message to Petrucci's dash and make that call if they needed Dovi in 2nd. I have no doubt Petrux would have complied. However it appears clear to me that corse did not make the call and so it was up to Petrux.

He did everything correctly. He earned that position fair and square. It's a shame he could not hold the lead but he di things right today.

Besides, Dovi was already rolling off and settling for third 3 laps from the end. Petrux would have almost had to stop vefore the line for Dovi to catch up.


Great race. Mixed bag for Ducati but a solid performance across the board.

no no ,no way, let Dovi stick his neck out like MM and try and win.

Dovi needs to fight if he wants a championship. Petrucci proved he has more fight.

I agree 100% that Danilo did the right thing by keeping second. Yes Dovi is fighting for the championship; but in a way Danilo is also riding for his future in motogp. He's been showing very good results and has been fighting right near the front. Just because he's riding a Ducati doesn't mean he should be giving positions to other Ducati riders; especially considering he's not even on the same team as Dovi. It would be a bully move for Ducati to try to force Danilo to give up a position he has clearly earned. Team orders just spoil real racing anyway. Besides; I don't think any rider wants to win a championship knowing they only did it because someone else gave them a position...