Dani Pedrosa was pragmatic when assessing a disastrous grand prix at Misano that all but ended his hopes of claiming that illusive MotoGP world championship, as the Catalan was unable to generate sufficient temperature in his wet Michelin tyres.

As witnessed in similar conditions in free practice at Le Mans and qualifying at Assen, Pedrosa’s small, light frame could not put enough weight on the rear to take the rubber up to a working temperature, meaning the 31-year old felt as though he “was almost crashing in every corner.”

Pedrosa explained if you cannot get the tyres in the correct temperature range, the grip offered up is next to non-existent. The majority of the race was spent in this struggle, as he splashed and slid around to collect two points and a listless 14th place, some 98 seconds behind team-mate Marc Marquez.

“There is a temperature difference, but obviously you have to arrive to the minimum,” he said. “Below [the minimum temperature] you don't start the chemical thing in the tyre, so it doesn’t work.

“[When you arrive at the minimum] you start to work with the suspension, with the gas and it's like a chain reaction. But if you don't start, you don't go.

“So tyre temperature for me was under the limit, like I had in Assen. I crashed this morning and I tried to be there in the race but I was doing 1m 54s, because zero grip. I can't bank, I cannot go on the throttle, I cannot do anything on the bike. I was almost crashing in every corner.

“Then, just at the end of the race when it stopped raining and there was less water, boom! Suddenly I touched the tyre limit and I started to have some temperature and I dropped almost six-seconds from my lap time.

“I finished lapping 1m 49s, 1m 48s high instead of '54s. From the warm-up to the race we tried to put weight to make the bike more heavy but it didn't change."

Asked what he could do to address this situation, which has cost him crucial championship points at Assen and here, Pedrosa admitted the situation is manily down to his weight of a little over 50 kilograms.

“I cannot change [my size]! With the bike we try everything, but you have to reach the minimum,” he said. “The same happened for me in Le Mans, but it was Saturday, also it happened Friday afternoon, also in Holland all Saturday and today in the race.

““The only difference was today is Sunday and I cannot fix anything in the three times I have this problem. We've tried everything but like I say you can do everything you want on the bike – we put weight on the bike today, we added weight, to simulate I was heavier. But you need to go into the minimum of the tyre and this is hard to handle.

“The big riders have more feeling in this situation and they will complain in the other part of the window. But sure today nobody will tell you, 'ah, Dani has an advantage'. You can see the disadvantage is bigger than the advantage.”

Pedrosa was then asked if a more aggressive approach with the throttle would help to generate heat quicker. “You can attack the rear also,” he said. “It maybe takes more laps, but you attack by the throttle, depending on the angle, you can attack. But the Michelins don't need to be attacked.

With the Michelins you need to be gentle, it's just a matter of being the temperature. Because at the end it was drying up and for some riders I think they would say it was at the limit – not enough water – but for me it was the opposite. It was when I started to have some grip. That's the difference.”

Pedrosa remains fifth in the title chase but now finds himself 49 points behind title leaders Marc Marquez and Andrea Dovizioso.


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I like Danny alright and think he's a good wingman for Marquez.

However, every year when julian Ryder starts bumping him up as a title challenger, it just turns me. Danny has come as close as he will ever come to being champion. never looked likely.

Why anyone would think otherwise I don't know. (B)Romance?

Weekends where he scrapes a point are about every six races. MM, VR, MV, AD ( and even the ever re-emerging JL) just don't do that.

I think his best shot to title was in 2012 when he needed to be just 2nd if i recall it right but he crashed on first lap at Philip Island, fucking luck doens't want nothing with him lol.

 Anyway he is still a top rider no one can't denny that. 

He has been called "the fastest rider to not win the championship" many times, his biggest problem is he doesn't crash well.  i.e. he gets injured a lot. 

Marquez and crutchlow are probably the best crashers (in cal's case, it's essential) as they rarely crash and get injured.

He didn't have this problem last year, or with the Bridgestones. A lot this season depends on what tyres Michelin bring to each race.

FWIW, They were on Michelin last year as well.  2015 was the last season with Bridgestones.

That's what I meant, 'he didn't have this problem last year (with the Michelins) or with the Bridgestones '.  Anyway,  it's obviously something to do with this year's tyres, it's what I meant.  

development doesnt go his way - has too strong of a teammate and very different style of riding and needs.

Honda has no replacement for him at the moment (Honda gave up on JM) DP performs much better than any other candidate in motoGP. wins at least once a season. cant take title - but good for team championship.

Repsol is paying a big title sponsor fee to Honda squad to keep Pedrosa so they can't just dismiss him. Repsol likes Pedrosa so he stays whether grasping the title or not. Honda is keeping quite on Pedrosa's retention because they need to keep running team cost down and Repsol comes in with a handsome sponsorship money.  If Repsol didn't like Pedrosa, he would be out a long time ago.

why would Repsol like DP? only reason sponsors like a rider is for results - results bring media attention and that brings publicity - which is what repsol is paying for. you hear about DP a lot and he gets a lot of screen time, participate in Conf (podiums and pre-race) and wacky videos for dorna (missing the Apex and others) so Repsol gets a lot of screen time and everyone is happy - how much screen time does Loris Baz gets? sponsoring $$  = marketing $$ 

Wow, Dp has most podium this season and in par with marc.