Valentino Rossi has been officially passed fit to ride in this weekend's Aragon MotoGP, after a medical test at the circuit on Thursday.

"This afternoon Valentino Rossi successfully completed a mandatory medical examination carried out by MotorLand Aragón's Chrief Medical Officer, Clemente Millan," said a Movistar Yamaha statement.

"He declared that the nine-time World Champion is fit to ride, 21 days after sustaining a leg injury.

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"The Italian will take part in the FP1 session tomorrow."

Michael van der Mark will remain on standby should Rossi decide to withdraw after trying his healing leg in free practice.


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I have had a thought that if Rossi does ride and were to get on the podium then automatically people on here will say that he faked the crash, faked the injury, and everyone involved helped him do it.

Not that I can see him racing or getting on the I said, just a thought.

@codger... what are you blabbing on about mate.

Ha ha, yes Codger, that's just how bad the minds of the Rossi haters are! They will stoop to all kinds of lows to make out everything the man does is faked or just a big PR stunt! 

Everyone loves a conspiracy theory.

I know what is Rossi doing. He is not riding, he is playing.

I suspect he will ride like in 125cc in "Play Mode" like he used to with Aoki Bros. This is an important champioship ride for him. But not to his champioship, if that what you think it's mean.

Champioship war just about to be declared. Interesting round that is. MotoGP just about to turn into Anime with a twisted plots...

@ Codger

I think we all know who's fans that think that way to another rider. ;)

Poor Michael van der Mark, if he rides, he rides without first free practice.

Not doubting his talent, but he is really not in the mix to take this risk. If he races and finishes, then good, but should anything untoward happen, then he would regret this decision big time. He didn't even put in enough laps on the R1. 


Also a shame for Mark, one moment he is in, next he is on standby. If Rossi pulls out after the 1st practice session, it would be a mammoth task for Mark..

What a drama they have got going over at the tuning fork...

the mgp legend looks soo thin & lean like a junkie..well, he's a junkie alright..addicted to race a bike.

You Rossi haters are so sad all that he has done for the sport. when he retires watch the ticket sales  and the viewing figures go down, are you guys colour blind have you not seen all the yellow flags in the stands  If he wants to continue  and be competitive like this season why not carry on there are a lot of guys younger than him that  are also rans