MotoGP World Championship leaders Marc Marquez and Andrea Dovizioso have differing views on how the return of Valentino Rossi can affect the title race.

Rossi will attempt to race at Aragon this weekend after missing the last round at Misano due to a broken leg sustained in a training bike accident.

Repsol Honda rider Marquez says that while he is glad to see his rival back this weekend, Rossi’s return ‘changes nothing’ in terms of the championship picture.

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“For me, nothing changes. Of course it is good news because to have all the riders on the track always is better, but nothing changes,” he said.

“The championship is so tight and all the riders are important to beat because all the points are important, so no change on my mentality.”

However, Dovizioso said Rossi could have a big say in the title outcome once he begins to regain full fitness.

“I think it can change because it is another rider that can be fast in the middle of us. If he feels good, maybe nor Aragon but at the next races like Dani [Pedrosa], [Johann] Zarco, Danilo [Petrucci] – a lot of fast riders can be in the middle of us, so it can be different,” said Dovizioso.

“But everybody has to think about himself to do the maximum, but for sure in some races if you are not so fast you can lose some more points, some really fast riders are in front of you.”

Rossi’s team-mate, Maverick Vinales, said the nine-time world champion’s return was important for Yamaha in the manufacturer’s bid to secure the team award.

“From our side it is really good that Valentino comes back already in Aragon, it is good for the team. Also it is a good point of reference as Valentino has been fast this year, always in the front, so it is good for me because we have one more bike on the track and Valentino can be on the front fighting, so also he can be difficult to beat,” he said.

“For sure 40 points is a lot but [in the] remaining five races, anything can happen, so he decide quite good, he has to try, and also the team championship is important for Yamaha so I hope he can be at 100 per-cent and he can be again fighting for the victory.”


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The Rossi fanboys' dream is for Vale to return and majestically vanquish all before him, winning every remaining race to a fairy-tale 8th MotoGP title as his rivals crumble under the pressure, each heading for the gravel trap.  Well, you'll get good odds on that so I suggest betting big!

Good advice Assetman lots of fanboys will be millionaires come November.

Nope, they'll still just be the same old fanboys.

They all seemed pleased to see him....but I doubt it matters too much to them whether he is there or not.

Always amusing to me when the first three responders to an article about Valentino Rossi are people that want to poke fun at Rossi fans, yet they themselves were apparently so consumed with their Rossi lust that the first thing they did this morning was read an article about Rossi and comment on it. If I had to guess, I would say that these three people woke up in their blue and yellow bedding this morning and had to change their Rossi superhero undies after a night of vigorous Rossi dreams before they go about the day photoshopping Valentinos head on pictures of naked porn actors. In order to feel better about themselves, they need to go online and put others down to hide their Rossi lust.

I think its sad comments like this that dissuades people from posting on here

Valentino won't be jostling for a win but to be riding his bike is amazing given how short a time it is since his accident. Us normal folk would be hobbling around on crutches probably so he is doing a brilliant job! 

@CODGER: Yeah have to agree, I don't think the other riders care if he is there or not as they are focussed on their own races. Valentino is not one to crash in any condition, but while watching FP1 and 2 in those conditions I thought, just stay upright take it easy. I'm not a fan, I think he is the villian, but I don't want to see him being picked up off the ground with that leg injury. I think if it pours he will have common sense not to race.

Hey folks - was there a negative comment from any of the championship contenders about him being back? I didn't hear one. Rossi fan or not, you have to respect the fact he is there, doing his job - which he loves doing, in the face of adversity. The year has already thrown up some great surprises - and there may be a few more, before the 'fat lady' sings in Valencia. Him being back on the grid is only great news for our sport, so keep it civil please, and try and keep personal rider preferences to yourself. Let's see how things look as the dust settles on Sunday - and I sincerely hope it's a casualty free weekend.