Live updates from Sunday's MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 races at Aragon!

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Very monumental!! Never seize to amaze that 46.... he still manage to get his usual position on an injured leg....... fully fit he can get 4 or 5.... with broken leg he can also get the result..... fantastic rider.... truly The GOAT

Classic Lorenzo sometimes a bridesmaid but never the bride!! If only Marquez and Pedrosa weren't there he might have won!!


And your hero on the Ducati? Suck it up; you know who will win a title next between VR and JL. One is going forwards, one is sliding backwards.

 Marquez may win this year Championship too...really wished to see Dovi or Vinales to win the Championship for first time but now only Dovi is close enough to fight for the Championship.. hope he does well in the races ahead...pedrosa just stick your face behind Marc's ass.

Pedrosa did well to fight through from a poor start. Jorge is improving all the time and his future looks bright, and without risking his limbs doing offroad training. Rossi's future? hobbling around on a walking stick. 

Great result for VR, can't ask anything more. really odd result for MV, expected him to be there fighting for a win. Yamaha is fading  off. MM won the race but with some risk as usual. not sure how he does it, crashes during the weekend and wins on race day. JL did well. chose a soft rear tyre. He is still figuring out tyre management with the Ducati, he did well this time compared to Dovi. He is improving. I thought he'll fade away at mid race but held on. DP, good result but it's pointless if you only perform on selective tracks. I thought he backed off a little towards the end or it's just my error.

So many grumpy old men that hate Rossi on here. They seem to love Lorenzo too which is odd...!

How anyone can compare Rossi's career at Ducati with Lorenzo's is laughable. The bike couldn't be more different. Bottom line is Lorenzo is being paid a hell of a lot more than Dovi and where are they in the championship?

Congrats to the top 3.  Nice ride Rossi.  To think, the haters on Crash suggested that you sit this race out.  Good on you for riding a strong race.


As for PATRICKD's comment...

...Stop being infantile.  

@JRC1 it's actually the same situation in the Yamaha garage!


Well..they old yes but if you say they 'grumpy' you look like an idiot...

They have seen a lot of  races and a lot of riders.  Some time they becomes fans of a rider..but they still realize, their fans can not to be continues perform in every race..

Sometimes they compare the riders with each other, even with the past  riders they've seen, but it's just trying to see the advantages and disadvantages of each riders .. they know each riders has advantages, disadvantages and talents of each ..  They try to see thing more fairly wirhout ruling or judging one of riders..

They see motogp as entertainment. They have seen riders come dan goes... They know the time goes by and the seasons change..

So you must try don't to be look like an idiot..