Aragon Moto3 race winner and runaway title leader Joan Mir has been penalised for 'erratic weaving' on the back straight, during the final lap (see video below).

The Leopard rider succeeded in preventing a slipstream, but his actions were immediately branded as dangerous by runner-up Fabio di Giannantonio and third place Enea Bastianini.

"My plan was to be second onto the straight and then overtake the leader into the last corner. But with the really dangerous move that Mir made, it was impossible," said runner-up di Giannantonio. "On the straight he did like a snake. Everyone did some [weaving], but he was too aggressive and it was too dangerous at that speed. I don’t know if this is within the rules."

"On the last lap, for me, Mir was dangerous and it was impossible to overtake him," added third place Bastianini.

But Mir, upon listening to the complaints, remained defiant: "This was part of my strategy, to be at the front on the last lap and do this [weaving], because with two laps remaining 'digia' did the same… The last lap in Moto3 is like this."

Race Direction later ruled that Mir had indeed broken Article 1.21.2: “Riders must ride in a responsible manner which does not cause danger to other competitors or participants"

Mir will keep the victory, his eighth of the year, but drop six places on the grid next time at Motegi, in Japan.


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Mir's last lap was incredible, best moto3 last lap this year, specially the move to take the lead.

The penalty l think is a bit of bullsh1t,  and funny that they complain it was dangerous when every saturday they are all sitting on the straight in qualifying looking for a tow.. . Anyway this is is why l've never really got to like moto3 ,  slipstream play too big a part. 

Well, personally I think his weaving was not fair, it was a bit too much, but at least he got to keep his race win, so it's not much of a penalty.  Only six grid places means he will probably be able to win the next one too.  He is a great rider, but these other guys need to work out some better way of trying to beat him, and soon.  His pass to take the lead was so cunning and caught them all napping!  It's just a bit disappointing and unexpected to see a one-sided Moto3 championship for the second year in a row!

The weaving about did look a bit dangerous but I personally don't think it hindered the other two riders that much, I thought Mir might have fallen off if he wasn't too careful and was more a danger to himself! 

What Mir did was seriously dangerous, a grid penalty is not a sufficient punishment and deterrant for riders, they would all risk a small grid penalty for a win. Will all end in tears eventually.

Dirty Spaniards. ..

Not as much as the italians though.

Keep Race out of this!   These kids are "Young and Dumb"!  Leave it at that! They are put under undue pressure from manufacturers, sponsors, and us, the paying customers!!   Entertain us !!!! We scream! Give them credit, they are doing just that!


If the two riders behind were not weaving with him they might have a point. They did weave to stay in the slipsteam. How can they then complain?

Not much different from what the others had done on the previous lap - you have to say that Mir is qute fantastic though.


Pretty funny when i see Flossi fanboys say this was dangerous but Flossi pushing Dani to the white line at the edge of the track was not dangerous. Make up your mind. Weaving at 300kph is even more dangerous when a rider is on your side passing you and its just as stupid as weaving across track trying to avoid slipstream in moto3.