It was a case of heart over head for Marc Marquez at Aragon on Sunday, the home star gambling on victory despite never feeling comfortable on his Repsol Honda and aware that a mistake could be calamitous for his title hopes.

But the Spaniard pulled it off, being rewarded with his fifth win of the season and a significant step towards his fourth MotoGP title, having opened-up a 16-point lead ahead of next month's flyaway races.

"Today if I didn’t take the risk I would finish third. But I took the risk, because in this situation you need to put all in and try," he explained.

Marquez had already fallen in practice and qualifying, at a circuit he usually excels at, leaving him to start fifth on the grid. And things didn't get any better when the lights went out.

"I didn’t feel like I expected with the bike here all weekend. Just this morning in the warm-up I felt good, but again in the race I was struggling a lot. I was fighting against the bike all the race," he said.

"I took a lot of risk. I nearly crashed many times, I was trying to keep calm, trying to understand what’s going on. But the feeling never came back.

"Every race you take a risk, but for example at Misano I could manage a little bit for a few laps and then attack just in the end. But today the feeling was not there."

Against that backdrop, it was the motivation to win in front of his home fans and refusal to admit that he could not be fast at one of his favourite tracks that proved the decisive.

"Inside of me, on one side I was thinking, 'the feeling is not good, we need to finish the race'. But on the other side it was burning inside me: 'At your home race you must try. This is one of your favourite tracks, why can't you be competitive like last year? You must attack'. And we did.

"I started with the mentality to win here at Aragon. I didn’t start with the mentality to finish second or third. Racing at one of my favourite circuits, at home, gave me this extra motivation to keep pushing all the race.

"It was hard physically, because the bike was moving and shaking everywhere. On right corners I was feeling really critical with the front and nearly crashed a few times."

One of Marquez's near misses saw him try to pass Valentino Rossi for second, only to get out of shape and forced to steer inside race leader Jorge Lorenzo, sending him wide on the exit and to the back of the four-man lead group.

"I tried to overtake Valentino, but I did a mistake and I nearly crashed. I went wide again. I lost again all the distance. I did the effort again another time, and of course when you do this kind of effort you stress more the tyres. You stress more everything," Marquez said.

But the #93 dug deep and was able to pass closest title rival Andrea Dovizioso, then Rossi and Lorenzo, taking the lead on lap 16 and holding on to the finish in the face of a late push by team-mate Dani Pedrosa.

"All the races are difficult and different, but maybe this one it was my spirit, my style, that made the difference," Marquez said. "I was struggling, but I was pushing and giving everything."

Marquez now heads into the final four rounds with a 16 point lead over Dovizioso and 28 point lead over Maverick Vinales.

"We are leading by 16 and 28 points - it's better to have that advantage than not," he said.

"This championship is really difficult to understand, to manage. You cannot make any mistakes. You cannot have a zero in a race weekend. But on the other hand you must take the risk, like today…"


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He's the complete package. Mature, humnle, has loads of talents and endearing. If the king of the last decade was Valentino then this decade must belong to Marquez. Just thinking about the amount of talent and competitiveness of this current motogp grid makes his achievement even more impressive.

If you needed someone to win to save your life it would be MM, everytime. KTM or Aprilla need to offer him millions to get him on their bike and become certain world champions. He's worth every penny.

Was the bike that hard to ride or MM just over rode the bike? I thought the Honda’s did well on the race, DP set the fastest lap towards the end of the race. All I saw was, this was the luckiest race for MM, he saved some moments. There was one seen from JL rear camera.

He's the best motoGP rider in the world as of today. I don't think anyone can't dispute this. And most importantly, he doesn't blabber a lot. Unlike the previous "legend", he stays focus and keep his cool most of the time.

Peace of art from Mark once again. What he can save is incredible riding on the edge more than twenty laps is unbelivable , but that is Mark, he can and that is a difference compared to the others.  Bravo Mark 

I couldn't have predicted how this race would have played out in this regard.  MV25 should have held firm, but JLo99 had other ideas.  Ideas of 2015 where he'd hole-shot the field, drop them by a few seconds and run away with it.

Dani has had some good runs here too, so it wasn't surprising to see him finish second, but some wonder if he had a better start, what might have been?

VR46.  Well, what can you say.  If you thought he had given up on 2017, you were sadly mistaken.  Rossi impressed some of the critics today with a ride that was nothing less than to snuff with his legendary status.

Back to MV25.  He road another one of his mid-season rides, beating his teammate.  Unfortunately for hem, that may prove a little too late.  He needs to beat the guy on the orange and yellow bike.  Find a way to do that or be satisfied with today's result.

And MM93.  Who wants the 2017 title more than this guy?  If not for a blown engine to thwart his charge in England, he'd have this championship mostly wrapped up.  If he wins it, he'll have earned it and history will see it that way.

@LUVTHERACING: Not much more can be said, Marc Maquez looks the man to beat this year, if he can stay upright. 

He was lucky to get away with it this time, but often, taking this approach will lead to disaster. Championships are mostly won by a cool head. Alowing the heart to take control is not a wise choice. He was in front of his two main rivals in the championship, so it was unnecessary to risk falling. The Honda is the class of the field anyhow, something this result clearly showed, so why lay it all on the line? Makes very little sense.

DICKIEBIRD, he won the race. Makes perfect sense to me!