Marc Marquez has fond memories of Motegi, where the Repsol Honda rider wrapped up his third MotoGP title in 2016.

The Spaniard opened a championship advantage of 16 points over Ducati’s Andrea Dovizioso following his victory at Aragon, where Marquez headed a Honda one-two ahead of Dani Pedrosa.

October will be a decisive month in the title outcome with three successive flyaway rounds before the season finale at Valencia in Spain in November.

With a cushion established over his nearest rivals, Marquez is aiming to turn the screw this weekend in Japan, although he admits this season’s unpredictable trend leaves a ‘question mark’ hanging over each track.

“Motegi in the past was one of the circuits that I was struggling a little bit, but last year I felt really good there. I was riding so consistent and so fast,” said Marquez, who also won his maiden MotoGP title at Motegi in 2014.

“We will see this year. This year is a question mark. Austria was a circuit that I expected to struggle a lot, but I was fast. [Aragon] I expect to be really comfortable but even with the victory I was struggling more than I expected. So I hope that Motegi, on Friday, we can go out and fell good from the first laps.”

Marquez has given himself some breathing space as he attempts to retain the premier class crown and acknowledges his points gap represents a significant advantage as the championship race enters the final stretch.

“To win [at Aragon] was important also because the main opponents for the championship lose some points. We open a small advantage. It’s important to arrive in Japan with that very small advantage,” he said.

“Now we are leading by 16 and 28 points [over Maverick Vinales]. Better to have that advantage than don’t have. Anyway for me the most important is that since Montmelo I am feeling really good. I finish always in the podium, just Silverstone that you know what happened.

“But since Montmelo, all conditions in different circuits we are there. We will try to keep focused, keep the same mentality, same speed for the next races.”

Since Catalunya, Marquez has taken full advantage of Michelin’s new front tyre with a harder casing, which has been available since Mugello – an improvement he concedes has aided his charge towards the title.

“Of course, the first part of the season I was struggling a little bit to understand – not only me, if you see the amount of crashes in the first part of the season and later, was much more in the first part of the season,” said the 24-year-old.

“Of course, the hard casing gives me a little bit more feeling. The feedback is better. But for example in Montmelo, still was the old casing. In a few races I felt better, a few races worse. But this I think helps everybody to be more safe and to be more competitive.”


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Last year's top three finishers were: MM93, AD04, & MV25 in that order.  Of course, there were the unfortunate crashes by VR46 and JL99 that also played into that result, but quite interesting how those are the three guys also in it for this year's championship.

If I was MM, I'd play it cool.  Don't take risks at this point.  AD04 & MV25 can be competitive, but force them to risk more to beat you.  One mistake by either of them and they're out of the championship.

It's really too bad that VR46 again stayed out way too long on his rain tires in the F2F at Brno, like he did at Germany 2016, otherwise he too might be in this fight.  MM93 has raised the bar.  You can't just be consistent, you have to be fast and work on tactics with your team.  Mother Nature plays favorites to no man, regardless.

V46R. I feel pity for you. Go back to saying 10th title next year like you've been saying for the last 8 years lmfao.  

I think MM will have his 11th title if your idolo is still winning 1 race a year. Lol


When Marquez is Rossi's age we will see how competitive he is! Until then stop talking shite! Marquez has maybe two more world titles in him and thats only if he sticks with Honda. Rossi has a world title on a 500 a man's bike, Marquez would stain himself on something like that.  Wait till Morbidelli is on a factory honda in Moto GP, he will eat Marc easier than his little brother Alex. Rossi has achieved more than Marquez ever will! Marquez has a tarnished career so ya your argument is rubbish. 

@V46R. How ironic using the word scumbag. I can only presume you haven't read the related article. You come across as a mindless fool, with a condescending attitude as if you are above all posters who have a point of view. Enjoy the weekends race, and be grateful that there are riders like Marquex, Lorenzo, Dovi, Cal, Zarco, Dani, Rossi, Mav and the rest who entertain us each and every race day. Get over 2015 you clown... he lost.  My opinion only, but please don't take a pole on what I've said, you could very well be the scumbag... 


Because fans like you, I enjoyed every time your god lose by anyone. Tell your god, don't retire, so more racer beat him.


Lol! I'm very greatful but the likes of Marquez is what he is & ye two are kids who know fuck all about racing. Marquez will never achieve what Rossi did, that must hurt..

Win tittle during first season, win 10 consecutive race during 2014... 

Old v46r is typical of the bandwagon jumping football type fan that only spout bile about riders that beat their chosen superstar. He's worse when the subject is road racing. He'll spend the winter mouthing about football teams, old firm and likely some English city he's never been to.

Scumbag yellow fans polluting this site.