Dani Pedrosa is aiming to make amends at Motegi after the Repsol Honda rider missed the Japanese round of the MotoGP World Championship last year.

Pedrosa was ruled out through injury after breaking his collarbone in a heavy spill during practice.

The 32-year-old is a huge fan of the Twin Ring circuit, where he first raced as a fresh-faced teenager when he was only 15 years old.

Pedrosa, who is fourth in the standings – 54 points behind team-mate Marc Marquez – said: “I look forward to racing at Honda's home circuit in Japan. Not only are the fans very special, they are incredibly passionate and in love with Honda and with the sport, which makes you feel very welcome – but also the circuit is great.

“I've had a good feeling with the track from the first time riding there, when I was 15 years old. It suits my riding style and I enjoy the track a lot.

“Last year unfortunately I had a big crash and suffered a serious injury but I hope this season we can keep up the good momentum and have a strong race. We’ll definitely give our 100 per-cent to make it happen.”

Pedrosa has won five times across all classes at Motegi, which celebrates a milestone this year, 20 years on from its official opening.


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Dani FTW!

Honda should have replaced him 4 or 5 years ago.dorna should have insisted.he would have got a lot more respect from people if he had gone to another team but I think he is milking his security with Honda all the time they are prepared to pay him.it doesn't do anything for motogp as a whole,it would be great to see pol,cal,brad,zarco or any of the young guns on that bike,it's been a complete waste.

@JFWFAN - in business you play it safe. DP with his constant podiums and at least a race win per season and top 5 finishes is a safe bet for sponsors. if you have to put your money down and you get it back only if the rider gets a podium and a win - DP is the cheapest bet. you could claim MM or VR etc as well  - but that bet costs more ..

I don't know what type of business you are involved in but "play it safe " and" a successful business " are rarely used in the same sentence.im am sure dorna consider themselves the most important player in motogp so the potential extra interest and therefore revenue my suggestion would generate for them would make sound business sense.more viewers means more exposure for sponsors.

Watching the rise of the HRC teammates over the past four races has given me a greater understanding as to why the team sticks with Dani.  He's the perfect compliment to Marc.  Faster on occasion and able to put the bike up front on those occasions, but more important to that, there is something else.  It's critical that he wedges his bike in between Marc and the other title contenders. 

Dani may someday rise to be the contender, but looking at how he appreciates taking second, tells me he's a team player.  You don't see infighting in the HRC garage.  If anything, Marc and Dani seem to get along pretty well, for competitors.  That's refreshing.

I fully expect him to destroy everyone at Sepang.  The bike is now that good thanks to Cal and the testing the team has done.  Dani FTW there.  Marc for the championship.

Again, I don't think Dani will ever win a championship on the Honda unless Marc picks up a serious injury at the worst part of the season combined with a well sorted Honda capable of pleasing the lightweight rider. However the last condition will only be fulfilled by accident as it is certain Mr. Honda will cater to Marquez's desires for a very good reason.

I think the only alternative for Dani is to jump ship; His Yamaha ticked expired due to Vinales, it is unlikely he will find one in the eventual absence of Rossi, but he could find a ticket - and a willing developer - from a team like Suzuki, who have factory capabilities and could really use an established fast rider with great experience, and they might even willingly try to prepare a bike that suits Dani specifically. Sure it's a long shot but what else is there?

@luvtheracing @mullet

Agree with both posts, well put without being scathing, something other people could learn.

Would also really like to see Dani on the Suzuki