Marc Marquez was at a loss to explain a late fall on Friday afternoon that had the potential to spoil his weekend at Motegi at this critical time of the year, and is hopeful of gaining an understanding before qualifying day.

The championship leader was using the final moments of FP2 to chase down title rival Andrea Dovizioso’s fastest time. Marquez had climbed from eighth position to third as the clock ticked down. Just under two minutes later he was second.

With the fastest time in his sights, the Catalan was flicked off his Honda RC213V on the exit of turn four in a crash he later labelled as “strange” - his 23rd of a season that could yet yield a fourth premier class title.

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Ultimately Marquez was unharmed and remained second on the timesheets, a narrow 0.043s back of Dovizioso, and was pleased with his pace (he also topped FP1 in similar, wet conditions by a colossal eight tenths of a second) in the rain.

Understanding that pesky, late crash, along with working on a setting for a track that is wet, but has less standing water, is the priority for the 24-year old on Friday evening.

“Overall the day was good. I mean, I’m happy for the day. Just the crash and what happened – honestly, I went out and the feeling was good but then I put in new tyres for the last run, to make a long run but there I lost some feeling. I lost some feeling and I start to struggle a bit more with the rear grip.

“Even like this the lap time was coming well. Suddenly there, it was a strange crash because I was with the gas. Normally there with the gas you always have the traction control that keeps you in a safe way.

“That time it was so quick. Like, ‘Waaaaaah!’ It’s something that we need to work on for tomorrow – not only on that point. There are a few to be more safe. It’s better that it happens now, before the race, to try and have everything under control.”

Was the five-time world champion surprised to see Dovizioso so quick in the afternoon, after the Italian had only managed the fifth best time of the morning?

“I already expected in the afternoon it would be more and more close,” Marquez said. “I’m a rider that goes out and on the third or fourth lap I can be on the lap time. Maybe I can find the limit earlier. This is a good thing but sometimes this is a bad thing because you arrive on the limit…

“But also in the wet the conditions change. This morning there was a lot of water. I felt really good with the bike. This afternoon with less water it looks maybe better but sometimes it’s worse with less water. I need to understand it well and adjust the set-up with less water.”


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If it's wet race looks like it will be Márquez against the Ducatis again.

Just keep the shiny side up and on the podium Sunday, Marc.

He is completely matured with he'll keep everything under controll with tht tricky RC13V GO!!! MARC GO!!!

No Sh!t Sherlock ...

Always lucky in the limit but it will end eventualy sooner or later !

"Always lucky in the limit". Hmm luck and always don't go hand in hand there Bruno. You're either lucky or you're not. Its his skill that lets him find the limit of traction on every track. Its why Honda lets him build a huge crash bill every season. 

Marquez points out that while Dovi and the Ducati's are fast, Jorge is the one to beat at this point.  It could come down to a Ducati 1 - 2, with the others fighting for the scraps.  Jorge was metronomicly fast.

Look out.  This could be his first win on a Ducati.

And again there they are, the "he is lucky" excuses. When do you guys start to realize that it has nothing to do with luck when you crash so many times this season without injury? All you have is the hope that he will get injured one day.

The Ducatis are the ones to beat, like in Misano. I would not be surprised if Ducati lands on 1-2 on Sunday. Anyway if Marquez can make it to the podium he is fine. Maybe Lorenzo will steal points from Dovi too?

Rubber ball Marc should be called. Gotta love the young mans will to always want to win thou. Never gets fazed about fall off the bike Marc. I feel if Marc wins this years chamionship in which there's a good possability he will. He's gotta start considering witching to another manufacturer as he's nothing more to prove on a Honda. Would love to see Marc race a Ducati, or a KTM. But in the meantime. Good luck for qualifying/race n keep the rubber side down #93....