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Dominique Aegerter have been stripped of his victory in the Misano Moto2 round due to use of 'an oil outside the FIM Moto2 specifications'.

The Swiss star has thus been removed from the official results for the entire event, meaning Suter also lose their only victory of the season so far.

With Aegerter erased, countryman Thomas Luthi inherits victory ahead of Hafizh Syahrin, with Francesco Bagnaia being bumped up to the podium.

It also means that Luthi's title deficit to Franco Morbidelli is cut from 24 to 19 points, after today's Motegi race.

Morbidelli did not finish at Misano and thus gains nothing from Aegerter's DSQ, which had been his first win since 2014.

Earlier this year, Mattia Pasini lost his Catalunya podium for exactly the same reason.



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WTF, tough for Aegerter. 

A bit thick getting caught cheating so soon after Pasini was disqualified.

Ok so this gives Luthi an outside boost for the championship. MotoGP on track is the best sport offtrack like we've seen in the last couple of years is a total political mess.

Because a different spec oil will make you so much faster and more daring in the rain. SMH

This is awful.  How can this happen to two of my favourite riders in one year?  Very disappointed.  And the same question as with Pasini - why so long after the event before the disqualification?

Mark53. MotoGP is a spec engine series and ExternPro works hard to get the engines within 1% of each other. Could an out of spec oil give a team an advantage? I don't know. The simple fact is the rules are the rules and messing with the engine is apparently seriously frowned on. It's quite simple, if you don't want to get penalized, don't break the rules.


Edit... That should be Moto2