Valentino Rossi expects this year’s MotoGP title battle between Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi to go down to the wire at Valencia in November.

Ducati rider Dovizioso closed the gap at the top of the championship table to 11 points after a hard-earned victory in the wet at Motegi, narrowly getting the better of defending champion Marquez on the last lap.

It was one of the best races in recent memory in the rain and nine-time champion Rossi, who was caught out by the conditions on the factory Yamaha, says there is little between the championship top-two with three races to go.

“It was a great battle and is very good for the sport that the two opponents are the strongest now and that they can fight very hard,” Rossi said.

“I think it was a great race, a great victory for Dovi and maybe the title fight can go down to Valencia.”

Rossi, whose own title charge was thwarted after he broke his leg in a motocross training accident, said the scene is set for a thrilling finale to the 2017 championship over the next few weeks.

“The difference between them changes a bit race-by-race, because in Aragon Marquez was a lot faster than Dovi. But this time Dovi won, it is his fifth win of the season and there are now just eleven points between them in the championship. So they are not so far apart. It will be a great battle I think.”


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You know that if there's 2 laps to go and MM is in first or second, there's a good chance he's going to fight like a rabid dog for the victory.  If he's in second, he's coming through for the win or will try.  If he's first, you're going to have to step up your game to beat him for the victory.

This kid loves the battle.  He's the definition of alien rider.  So long as Honda can't make an invinsible bike, like their 2014 bike, we're going to be treated by victory battles that include MM for many years to come.

Quote from Marc - "Dovi is a hard worker and hard work pays off. It is nice to battle with him for the title precisely because he is a good guy.”   

Thats Marc's ultra polite way of complimenting Dovi AND calling Rossi a twat. LOL.  Marc is great!

got a little brown stuff on your nose there mate

If Rossi is a twat then what is Marquez?? Marquez doesn't mind being beaten by a guy like Dovi because Marquez has achieved a lot more wins than Dovi. Even though there is no way Marquez could win on the Ducati either, just like GEORGE!! so Dovi has that legacy. On the other hand even tho Marquez has youth on his side he might find it hard to beat what Rossi has achieved. In actual fact Marquez will never achieve what Rossi has achieved because Marquez ruined his own career in 2015! Tarnished forever and he dragged GEORGE!! with him to stop Rossi, which was Pathetic.

Pathetic! Pathetic!

RU serious? You write this for a 100 time, maybe you want believe in it? Think a little bit. Rossi made his stupid mind game like several times years before. Yellow brigade is a mainly brainless mad/bad people and they love it. But... Master mind games flossi lost his game...
For me much worster is to ride 4 stroke vs 2 stroke, to get help from dorna to changing rules, to get special tyres from michelin, stopped few contracts, had a impact on team maet contracts etc. Its a crap, you know? 3 or 4 WCH from yellow is advantage. All people, than watch longer MotoGo know it. No doubt, flossi is good and fast, but he is also marketing puppet, arogant, liar etc.  Motogp is sport, not Rossi. Open your eyes. MM is oposite (till now), smiling, not blaming for loosing etc. And please, comparing flossis 9 WCh with 5 from MM doesnt makes sense, because MM ha in this 5 hardr to work as yellow did. 
Special for you: Rossi cant develop a bike, simple is that. He came to full developed yamaha with lack of power, power came and yamaha was th best. Than came JLo, was faster and faster... Flossi made a wall and from that point of you he was lost, than he used data from JLo andwanted the wall anymore. Ducati showed, that Rossi is super ONLY on superb bike (Valencia test 2010 ist perfect example). Please, do not use, that he was 5 in WCH on Duc. Watch the season: chicking on trottle, riding safe + with crt's, nothing add. Than came Vinalez, sad story. He was superb till yellow changed a bike. Im not a rossi fan really, but have a respect for his willness to changing riding style... I lost some money, because I put it for WCH in 2018 for Rossi - best bike, Honda with no data for big bang, Vinalez on new bike, and mostly in fight with MM, JLo on Duc... Rossi lost, cause his brainless strategy. Flossi ist fast, but as a human... give me a break. Open your eyes and start thinking. And stop with this shit about 38 old, still fast etc. 38 means not so much power, but much much more experience (see Dovi). 21 did WCH with 40 and wanted race against flossi, he chicked and said no... All knew, Bayliss was better... Rossi too...

What a complete load of ill informed,second hand rubbish,you ignorant moron.

So, you actually completly wrong. Since ca. 15 years I can inform myself from total insiders. They were per you with yellow about 25 years ago, now still but no more respect for him, the reason ist yellow himself and the antisport yellow brigade ofcourse.
Say something about ill information. 5, 99, 65, 27, 69 and few other riders was false, they lied? Watch a interview with rossi he given to his first time on 4 stroke. What he said? Sure, you dont know. Because you are only blind yellow follower and not interesting in motogp. 
As I said, Im not really Rossi fan, I follow him (motogp way earlier) since his first races and I know more of his good or bad races or when and why he won or lost than 90% of his "fans"... Thats the different. If I speak with yellow followers, I ask about something as a,b,c and they knows NOTHING. Thats the yellow armada with 46 on t-shirt, cars etc. Sad, really sad.

Considering Rossi has fallen out with every single title rival I'd say he is a bit of a twat.

Lol :-)

@V46R: I have read your venom in the past, there is no change, and have come to the conclusion, that you are not well. Lighten up and get over the 2015 hangover... he lost because of his own fears.