Valentino Rossi remains unbowed following his struggles at Motegi in Japan.

Rossi slid out of the race in the wet conditions after battling grip issues throughout the weekend with his Movistar Yamaha M1.

The nine-time world champion had previously bounced back from a broken leg to claim an unlikely fifth place at Aragon and Rossi remains positive as he weighs up his prospects this weekend at Phillip Island in Australia.

“I have arrived in Australia after a complicated race, but I’m in a good mood because I want to work in the best way possible with my team and fix the issues we had in Japan as quickly as possible to do nice races again,” he said.

“Phillip Island is a circuit I really like and I hope that the weather here will be good to start working straight away in dry conditions. After the crash in Japan I’m feeling pretty good, just a little bit of pain. Now I hope for good weather for the entire weekend.”


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Imagine waking up everyday knowing you have nothing to prove to anyone or yourself but you still have motivation and passion to continue on. Valentino is someone to look to when you think the sky is falling.  


and contrast that with the mornings, day and night of a hater

an inspiration to all of us including the hairy arse haters,no doubt mm will be watching his idol very carefully again this weekend to see where he can gain an edge,does anyone know where I can get some vr46 car stickers and t shirts?

 I slightly disagree with you. I think Rossi does have something to prove, at least to himself. In this era of Lorenzo, Marquez, Stoner, Pedrosa, etc.; his winning stats took a big dive. I think he wants to retire having a championship beating Marquez. he didn't get where he is unless he was a fierce, fierce competitor and that doesn't change in a man. He has plenty to prove and he still wants to prove it. I'm not a fan but I believe that's the truth of it.

agree - VR is the guy to ask (and probably get) a wildcard ride in his 50s - just to see how he compares to the younglings. its his personality 

if MM is still riding in his late 30s and didnt hurt himself in one of the many crashes - he'll probably be the same..

As you pointed out... "in this era". There are not many racers at this level who crossed (several) eras and beaten the best in each. His last win was something like 20 years after his first an GP level.

Oh, you say that VR doesn't get pay, popularity and mindless zombie?

Deluded fanboyz.  Suck it up.  Your man's nowhere in the title hunt and never will be.  He's history. Sooner he's gone the better.

Surely he can fix it as he's the self proclaimed Doctor? Doesn't live up to his own hype as he & Burgess said they could fix the Ducati in 90 secs I believe? 

@JFWFAN. I believe you can pick them up at car boot sales?