Marc Marquez says it is only natural to expect ‘some pressure’ this weekend at Valencia as the Repsol Honda rider targets his fourth MotoGP World title at the final round of the championship.

Marquez is on course to retain his crown in Spain and holds an advantage of 21 points over Ducati’s Andrea Dovizioso.

The three-time premier class champion will secure the title if Dovizioso fails to win the race. If Dovizioso does win, a top 11 result will be enough to seal the championship for Marquez.

“Of course it will be natural to feel some pressure in Valencia with so much at stake, but honestly there has been pressure for the entire second part of the season,” Marquez said.

“And the fact that we’ve been able to manage some tricky situations, as was the case at the last race in Malaysia, gives me a positive feeling. Regarding the track, I feel good because I like Valencia. It’s an anticlockwise circuit, which normally suits me.

“Of course it’s also good to have a points advantage to manage. That said, we won’t think too much about any of those things. We definitely don’t think it will be easy, so we won’t go to Valencia with any extra confidence,” he added.

“We’ll keep the same mentality and working method that have brought us to where we are, and we’ll give 100 per-cent because it will be important to be fast beginning with FP1.”

Since the World Championship was introduced in 1949, this will be the 18th occasion in which the premier class title will go down to the final race of the year (including 1993 when, strictly speaking, the title went down to the last round with Kevin Schwantz leading injured Wayne Rainey by 18 points).

In the MotoGP era this will be the fourth time the championship has gone down to the wire, the others having been Valencia 2006 (Hayden-Rossi), Valencia 2013 (Marquez-Lorenzo), and Valencia 2015 (Lorenzo-Rossi).

This will also be the third time in Marquez’s career that he has fought for the title in the season finale Grand Prix, after Valencia 2010, versus Nico Terol (Marquez won the 125cc title, finishing fourth), and Valencia 2013, versus Jorge Lorenzo (Marquez won the MotoGP title, finishing third).

After securing the Constructors World Championship in Malaysia a fortnight ago, the Repsol Honda Team will also have the possibility to win the Teams World Championship this weekend at the Ricardo Tormo circuit.


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Why does the media always refer to Marquez as 3x MotoGP World Champion and Rossi as a 9x world champion? It confuses the ignorant Rossi fans. Marquez is a 5x world champion. Rossi is a 7x MotoGp world champion and 9x overall.

Because People respect Rossi and what he has done for the sport, Marquez ruined his career very early with his 2015 antics. Respect has to be earned and Marquez will never achieve that now. Pity really!!

LOLOLOL.  Everybody will soon forget Flopsy because his first 5 years in MotoGP was without any competition. KRJ was a champion once Doohan retired lmfao. 
It was not until 2006 when Flopsy had real competition from rookies like Dani, Stoner, Jorge, Casey etc that his win % began to sink faster than Titanic. He lucked out on 2 titles after that when those rivals had missed several races due to injury(Dani/Jorge) / health concerns(Stoner). Now with actual competition and no more pathetic CRT bikes to compete with, grandpa will barely win a race or two a year like he's done since 09. 

Let's not forget Grandpa's career ruining illegal scooter burnout at Qatar the night before the race with Uccio by his side caught on CCTV, then in 2010 sabotaging his own teammate's career by trying to make him crash out of 2 races to help Dani in title hunt until Furusawa had to step in and ask him to stop doing it to his own teammate who was leading title race from Dani. 

Then his career further ruined when he tried to hatch a conspiracy along with Uccio in 2015 which fell flat on his face and exploded lol. Even the loyal Yellow fans were disgusted by his antics, especially the Sepang kick that ruined all of his reputation. No wonder only 4k people missed his home race this year when he sat out of it. 

And to make matters even worse, he also ended his own rookie teammate MV's title chances by finishing in front of him at Australia. Bet Yamaha are kicking themselves in the groin for letting go off Jorge who is actually helping Dovi in title fight unlike grandpa who sabotages his own teammates chances every year. 

2 words... WELL SAID


Did you miss the Philip Island race?

Lucked out on two titles due to competitors' injury? Great.

your-gay Lorenzo too was lucky then, that Rossi and later Dani were injured too.

No wonder ur-gay was moaning after Motegi 2010.

He was even jumping up and down when Rossi was on the Podium at Sepang 2015, an incident which he was never involved in.

Any post about anybody, you start with this.

Whatever, he did, he is achieved more that you and your keyboard, aint it.

Unless............ You are Lacey Moaner in disguise



Bravo Sennawtf, well said.

Lol. Because he hasn't wn back to back races for 8 years. They need something yo artificially prop him up. Lol

V46R stop trolling , give it a rest..........& the rest of us a break from it.

NIce attempt but I doubt it'll make any difference.

It's like having a broken record (showing my age but meh...)

You have a short memory if you forget the 'kicking' someone off the circuit, or riding someone off the circuit etc etc that Rossi has performed on other riders to ensure he gets the win. He's been as dirty as the dirtiest but he just smiles his way out of it.