Andrea Dovizioso heads to this weekend's Valencia MotoGP finale with a slim, but mathematical chance, of snatching the crown from Marc Marquez.

A sixth victory of the season - the most by any Ducati rider since Casey Stoner in 2008 - at Sepang kept the championship chase alive, albeit with Honda's Marquez holding a solid 21-point lead for the final showdown.

That means Dovizioso must win the race to have any chance of a shock championship upset, with Marquez then needing to be outside the top twelve.

Either way, Sunday will see the final chapter in Dovizioso's most successful MotoGP season to date, and the best for Ducati since Stoner's 2007 title win.

“We come to Valencia with a big gap in the points from Marquez and on a track where he goes very well, so we know it’s going to be tough," Dovizioso said. "The only strategy for me, with this gap, is to try and win and then see where my rival finishes.

"In this period we are going strongly at almost every track and so we have to try and approach this weekend with optimism, as we have always done recently.”


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Win or bin, nothing else will do. 

Yes Garcia hit the nail on the head.  Just hope that the other Spanish riders who don't have a hope of winning the championship don't run a pure spoiler/blocking campaign just to stop him, if they can genuinely compete for a win fair enough but just blocking to help a non team mate doesn't go down well with many fans....

When has that ever happened?

Ahh lads some of you must be only watching since last season, go back and watch Valencia 2015. Marquez shadowing Lorenzo all race long, then Dani catches both of them and was .7 of a second faster at one point! Dani passes Marquez, then Marquez finds enough pace to pass & Block Dani again, so Lorenzo can win. 

That's what he is talking about! Ignorance is no way to ignore the facts! Go back and watch the race, or for 95% of you go watch in for the first time!!

I do believe that's what he is talking about.

Oh yes. If Dani passed Lorenzo, then Rossi would've been champion. Oh wait no. He wouldn't. Don't worry. You have to let go of logic to become a yellow moron. It's like a rite of passage. Also helped by the fact that flopsi wasn't even lapping in the same time zone as the top 3

He also conveniently forgets that Dani said he missed his shift when trying to pass MM and had to run wide and let MM back through. MM did not pass Dani with any extra pace. Either way Flopsy would have never won the race even if he started from the front row, the 2016 race at Valencia was proof of that where Flopsy started 3rd but finished race in 4th when Iannone passed him on a Ducati that doesn't go well at Valencia since Stoner lmao

He isn't cooking up a conspiracy theory or kicking people of motorcycles. So if he loses, he is actually taking it better than his whiny fellow italian. Lol


Well said, we see enough of it in 2015 season especially in Valencia, with ''i had to force him out & keep my weak teammate'' clearly protecting his buddy from an Attack from that weak teammate! It was disgusting to say the least. No words. The crowds will be forever booing him! but to be fair what would you expect.

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