Marc Marquez is taking nothing for granted as the MotoGP champion elect prepares for the final race of the season at Valencia in Spain.

The Repsol Honda rider leads Ducati’s Andrea Dovizioso by 21 points with one round remaining and although Marquez has one hand on a fourth premier class title, he is refusing to look past Sunday’s decider.

“A tough season but one race decides everything and we will try to approach the weekend in the same way as always and do my 100 per-cent in the practice,” he said.

“Of course you feel like it is a special race and a special Sunday, but we will try to enjoy the party at two o’clock because it will be a really nice race in front of my fans at a circuit that I like. We will keep the same mentality as always because in motorsport in general anything can happen, so we will try to be on the same level and of course to try to finish the race will be the most important.”

Marquez refuses to accept that the outcome is a mere formality this weekend but acknowledges that he is firmly in the title driving seat.

“Of course it is tricky but everybody you meet says it is easy, it is done, but it’s not like this. It’s something difficult and of course I prefer to be in my position rather than Dovi’s because I am 21 points in front, but anyway this creates to me a good feeling and that kind of energy that you need,” Marquez said.

“It’s not the first time that I fight for the championship here in Valencia, already in 2010 but especially in 2015 it was very difficult. I managed well so we will try to manage and it looks like the weather will be good all weekend, which is one thing that is very important.

“About the rest, we will try to do our 100 per-cent and then on Sunday see where is my level, where is Dovi’s level, and try to find the best position and result for me.”

The Spanish rider says he will not alter his approach during practice and qualifying but Marquez does plan to adopt a more calculating strategy for the final race of the year at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit on Sunday.

“It’s difficult but it’s not my way to ride. During the weekend I will push like always but Sunday, after warm-up, we will see where we are, where is the level of the other riders, and then we will decide,” he said.

“I will not go out and say 10th place, OK, I will try to find the feeling with the bike, try to give my 100 per-cent and try to enjoy the race – this will be the most important.”


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Wise, if obvious, words. His to lose. He's just got to stay out of trouble this weekend. In the race of the season at Phillip Island, he still needed a result and had to mix it. Here, he doesn't have to. So, he'll probably just go for the win!

Yup.  No safer place than unmolested up front. 


Surprised Crash didn't have the more important story from today.  Nick Harris's retirment tribute.

Awe, family.  So sad to see him go.

Nick Harris, the voice of Moto Gp. Legend.

What a great tribute.

Julian Ryder is also retiring from commentry but no tribute for him....

Thanks for sharing that, great to see such respect between everyone. 
Also to Julian Ryder, haven't a clue who they'll replace him with...hoping Gavin Emmett.

Nick harris , some good times but time to go. As an example Zarco went into the lead of the french gp when he was at another gp

Just get 5 points!  No risking as to DNF then losing to Dovizioso, if happens he will be sorry for a long time to come. Go Marquez win it !

If Dovi was within 6 points from Marc, Marc will have to ride like usual, focus like usual. I would close my eyes to say Marc would be the champ in Valencia given the layout, Honda's advantages over Ducati in this layout. 

But here, only one race left, such big points gap & easy for your brain to over think about "only thing I should not do is to crash". We know very well what that kind of thoughts in excess can lead towards. 

Getting out front into the lead & disappear is the ideal thing to do, but he has absolutely no necessity to bear natural the risk factor that comes along in trying to do so. Lorenzo & Dovi would be gunning to do the same, most importantly Zarco is also eyeing the same, not talking about abilities to out ride these riders but risk factor is not to be underestimated. 

Safest thing to do will be give a slipstream to Dovi in QP & both seal a front row start. Let Dovi in front & be in his slipstream for the most times. Dovi is a safe to hang around in mentally  demanding races. Psychological effect of two title contenders going together will force anyone to think twice or thrice before trying to start a scrapping.