After another tough day for the Movistar Yamaha MotoGP team in low grip conditions at Valencia, Valentino Rossi confirmed he has never felt comfortable on the 2017 M1 and is open to the idea of re-testing the 2016 bike, perhaps as early as next week.

Rossi qualified seventh (+0.951s) for the season finale, with team-mate Maverick Vinales barely able to conceal his immense frustration at managing only 13th on the grid.

"Maybe I'm less frustrated because I already know this from before!" said Rossi.

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"At the end, with this bike I never feel comfortable from the first test. Sincerely we try, we try, we try a lot of different things.

"Sometimes we saw a small light at the end of the tunnel. But here in this track it is difficult. Looks like we suffer very much. Also when you ride the motorcycle, you don't have enough confidence to push at 100%.

"It is important to understand very quickly to try to make another way for next year's bike and we spoke a lot with the Japanese. It looks like the situation now is clear also for them and I hope that we can make better for next year.

"But anyway we will try tomorrow, because like always tyre choice will be very important and if we are able to improve a little bit maybe we can do a not so bad race."

The Factory Yamaha team's woes - which have occured on low-grip dry asphalt and any wet conditions, despite numerous chassis changes - have been in stark contrast to the performances of Monster Yamaha Tech 3 rookie Johann Zarco on last year's M1.

That was again the case at Valencia on Saturday, when the flying Frenchman claimed a front row start, behind only Honda's world championship leader Marc Marquez.

It was also pointed out that Jorge Lorenzo's 2016 Yamaha pole time would have again been good enough for the top spot on this year's grid. Rossi meanwhile set a 1m 30.128s for third last year, but only a 1m 30.848s today. The qualifying track temperature was exactly the same, 26 degrees, this year and last.

Rossi confirmed that re-testing the 2016 Yamaha is 'not a bad idea' but isn't sure if it will be possible as early as next week.

"We will speak about the [Valencia] test after the race… For me it is not a bad idea to try [the 2016 bike]. Why not? I don't know if it will be possible to test here, but can be."

However Rossi made clear he doesn't view the season as a disaster, backing up the comments of Yamaha Racing manager Lin Jarvis on Friday.

"You can see the glass half-full or half-empty. I agree with Lin because anyway four victories for Yamaha, a lot of podiums, some double podiums, Maverick third in the championship and me fourth or fifth, I hope fourth…

"But sincerely, I think that our potential is a lot better. So I understand Lin, but for me personally it was not a great season and we can do better."

Turning to tomorrow's season finale, in which he will seek to protect a 12-point advantage over Dani Pedrosa for fourth in the world championship, Rossi declared:

"At the end seventh position is not too bad. The bigger problem is our pace, because the race will be very long and also I think tough, because our pace is nothing fantastic, so we have to fight a lot.

"But this is Saturday, we have another chance in the morning and we will try to work tonight and improve a little bit."

Asked how he feels about aggressive racers Zarco and Suzuki's Andrea Iannone starting on the front row, Rossi replied:

"I think that Iannone and Zarco are the guys that brake deepest at the first corner of a race. Sometimes I saw where they brake and I say, 'now for sure something will happen'. But at the end they are always able to make the corner!

"But anyway, also Marquez is a guy who - like you saw in Malaysia - brakes late at the first corner."


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Moaner Rossi.  Blame the bike. Nothing to do with too many riders better than you these days?

Another brain dead poster

Currently 3 riders better than rossi at the final round of the season. Depending on Sundays result Pedrosa might be better than him too?? 

lf the Yamaha is no good maybe he should go to Ducat... oh wait..

The bashing trolls are out in force I see. Ya pedrosa might just be better than Rossi. Cementing the Marquez legacy on the fastest bike. Marquez had plenty of favourable circumstances since he started his career but hey! We will brush them under the carpet!! 






Like Rossi? 

His haters are real moaners. 
Look back at all his comments, never did he conceded anytime to be feeling perfect with bike. Right from the beginning this year. His pre Friday comments were correctly inline with race results more or less in most races. 
It's vinales who usually beamed with full of confidence before Friday & express confused displeasure after races several times this year. Specially go back to read his catalunya comments after race, that was raced with his favourite 1st chassis. He doesn't seem to have never understood the real problem, he doesn't pin point issues like Rossi does, only talks about how he suffered & why he feels like the chassis change must have never happened. 
If you say,  Vinales suffered after strong start to season due to Rossi politics, how many Podiums did Vinales make with his 1st preferred best chassis in slippery hot conditions? He was on top mostly in Argentina except in wet FP2 where he was 8th I guess why? Wasn't that with his 1st preferred winning chassis? 
Rossi expressed his disconcern as early as pre-season testing in Australia. 

I wish Yamaha can't go any worse than now in Next season & it'll surely be a better season in 2018.

And V46R, I suffer to tolerate anymore, for fuck sake give Dani a rest. Honda is good in many ways, it isn't a shit bike like many claim to hyper glorify Marc but, Marc still making his own difference to make it look even good despite few minor hiccups

Vinales was confused because his machine was perfect pre-season and early season only for them to alter the chassis.

From there his season and title fight was over.


You don't get to call yourself a fan of MotoGP if you can't see that the Factory M1's have some serious problems. Yo clearly have zero understanding of the technical side of the equasion. Or maybe your 100% commited to the Rossi hate bandwagon and can't think clearly. Take away the races where the Yamaha was clearly having huge traction issues. Where would the points be then? Rossi may not be the dominant rider he was in the past. But he is 38yrs old and still running at the front in arguably the deepest MotoGP field in history. Your comments make you look like a fool. And before you go with the cop out "well, you're a Rossi fan boy!" note that I think MM93 is the most talented rider to ever thow a leg over a MotoGP bike. If he doesn't injure himself and at some point changes manufacturers he will most certainly be the GOAT. I have great respect for everyone on the grid. There is no need to slam any of them. They operate on a level that you can't fathom. If you can't respect all of them, you're a petty and jealous man.



Of course yamaha has problems. No doubt. But what problems mean these days? Who says rossi or vinales get the max result possible? Even with problems maybe the m1,is good for the podium. In australia it was very clearly and on some other tracls. So the bike cant be that bad. Lets see ducati. Lorenzo is in front and dpvo nowhere. Wjat does it say about the ducati? Has ducat issues or is it just dovi? Now you can say rossi and vinales both are suffering, thats right. But this doesnt autom. mean they re showing the best possible. Vinales cant develop a bike, to less experience. Rossi has much Experience but his critics always said he cant develop a bike and its true. So you cant just blame yamaha engineers, ypu have to blame rossi and vinales too. Obviously they cant give right input. The numerous chassis changes are the proof for it.