Alex Marquez described his first whole afternoon on a MotoGP machine as “a great experience” after posting 30 laps on Marc VDS’ Honda RC213V at the Jerez test on Wednesday.

The Moto2 race winner shared testing duties with HRC test rider Takumi Takahashi at the Andalusian track in the wake of Thomas Luthi’s absence through injury, with team boss Michael Bartholemy issuing instructions for the former Moto3 world champion to focus principally on enjoyment.

In the limited time available, Marquez the younger posted the 25th fastest time as he adapted to the added power. Continuing with that on Thursday, when he will be on track all day, is the main aim, as well as working on correcting his braking points, which were, he admitted, some way off where they should be.

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“Basically it was only half a day but to have the first impression, the first 30 laps with this bike was really nice and was a great experience,” said Marquez, whose older brother Marc is present at the track to ease his transition. “I’m happy to be here and to have tomorrow one full day with the MotoGP bike.

“It’s quite different; mainly the front wheel never touches the ground so this is the main problem for me now. With only 30 laps it’s a little bit difficult to understand. The first impression is really good. I feel really comfortable with the bike. It’s a little bit small but I’m quite happy.

“I’m not focussed on the time. Only for me, as my boss Michael says, it’s only to enjoy. I’m trying to help also the new technicians that we’ve got to have a base for Tom [Luthi] for [the] Malaysia [test in '18]. I’m trying to help with that so I’m here trying to help the team.”

This was Marquez's third experience on a MotoGP machine, after running in tandem with brother Marc for several demo laps at the '14 Valencia test, and then at Misano last year, when overnight rain meant factory bosses were unwilling to use up a precious testing day with their full-time riders. Thus Marquez the younger was tasked with lapping with Honda's '17 bike on a damp track. 

On the biggest change from the Moto2 machine he recently tested here and Valencia, Marquez was in little doubt: “The power,” he exclaimed. “But everybody knows this. Also the brake points. I braked too late because I have the Moto2 reference and I go in too far. I need to improve this for tomorrow. I need to enjoy a little more on the bike to have everything under control.”

And what advice could the recently crowned MotoGP champion offer to his younger brother? “He’s here to help me,” explained Alex, who also has father Julia and manager Emilio Alzamora at the test.

“Also it’s really positive for the engineers to have Marc here because it’s helping him a little bit also. He’s always in some corner trying to help me, making some videos. He’s helping for sure. It’s nice to have my brother here and for sure he will help me a lot tomorrow.”


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I bet it was, third time testing a Moto Gp machine. It's Bolox that's what that is, if Miller had the opportunity to test the VDS Honda before he had to sign a contract, he would of gone straight to Moto 2 if he knew what kind of bike he was getting. In my opinion that's a bike that Honda use to test parts for the factory boys, nothing more than a guinea pig bike.

AM hasn't a chance in winning a Moto 2 title yet he gets all these favourable circumstances just like his brother did, if that was anyone else a Japanese test rider would be used. Moto 2 next season will be between Oliveira, binder & bagnaia. 

Mir will probably eat AM alive in 2019 season, so I don't see him winning for another two years, if that even!!


AM has better chance winning a Moto 2 title than Flopsy has of his 10th :) 

Wow, actually an articulate post where I agree with most of the points raised, good to see.  I understand it's difficult for you to not slate Marc but you nearly managed it, well done

Shut your stupid uninformed face about MM, your a bitter dick head, and you clearly know fuck all v46r

Marc VDS is a good team to ride for, specially with their link with Monlau. It's good to see them keep testing inhouse.

Hater is still is habits...

How many other riders moving up to the big class get to test a Moto Gp bike ever before they sign a contract?? And he has tested the Honda 3 times and again  tomorrow

Get back to me if anyone of you have an answer to it, because as far as I know no one has. If you sign and the bike is shit then your stuck for two years.

No one have an answer for me?? No!! Because no other rider has been given that type of treatment and another thing is I bet he is given a Repsol Factory Honda with VDS fairings for Thursday's test and if he is competitive he might get a few more tests then its bye bye DP. Both Marquez brothers on a Repsol Honda in 2019. 

Then you lot will go from saying DP is the perfect team mate for MM to DP had his day. Typical.

Ohh, spoke too soon.  My bad

Stefan Bradl, hater gonna hate. Lol