Franco Morbidelli declared himself satisfied with improvements which pushed him upward on the time sheets on Thursday, and allowed him to trim tenths of a second off his overall pace.

The 2017 Moto2 world champion found the tight, sinewy Jerez track difficult to understand on Wednesday with more than 260bhp at his disposal. But, after a night of rest and contemplation, Morbidelli was much improved on the final afternoon.

The Italian was the eleventh quickest name on Thursday evening, his fastest lap of 1m 38.923s just 1.2s off overall pace setter Andrea Dovizioso, who Ducati was under the outright track record.

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And Morbidelli was content. He was able to carry more corner speed than before thanks to sufficient tweaks to his riding style.

“Today we improved the lap time from yesterday, but especially we improved the pace by a lot,” he said. “I'm also happy about my final lap time which is not so bad. We focused to work on the medium tyre, and then at the end of the day I tried the soft one and I improved my lap time. So I'm very happy how the day went.

“Everything is a bit more difficult, so I have to adapt to everything, every detail, every aspect of the bike, every aspect of the riding style. It's a bit more difficult, and the limit is a bit further, so I have to step by step try to reach the limit in every aspect.

“Yesterday we were looking for a bit more corner speed, and today it looks like we found it a little bit. So I improved basically in corner speed today, and I improved the lap time.

“You know, a little bit the bike improves, and you improve, and then the bike needs to improve again, then you need to improve again. It's me and the bike and the crew, we are making small steps to improve.”

So how far away is he from where he needs to be? “1.2 seconds,” he quipped. “[And] That's without Márquez. Now without Márquez it's 1.2 seconds, then we will have to see how much it is.”

Morbidelli described the added power of a MotoGP machine as ‘fantastic’ after his first outing at Valencia. Asked whether he was not accustomed to it, he said, “I think you never get used to this power, because your nose is always pointing to the sky, but not only me, also [Cal] Crutchlow and everybody else. So it's really hard to get used to this power. But I think I'm getting used to it.

“Now we are I think on the standard electronics, HRC gave us a good mapping setup, so we are using that mapping setup, and we are just trying to learn and trying to improve the base that HRC gave us.”

And is he finding the expereience overly physical compared to his 600cc Moto2 machine? “After two days of testing, especially here and Valencia, here is a track where it upsets a lot the right side of the body, because a lot of right handers and hard braking on the right side, and Valencia is a track that upsets a lot the left side.

“I think that of course compared to Moto2, I need a bit more strength, but I was expecting to be further away. After two days of testing I feel good. I think it's a bit more a question of strength so I can push more when I am on the bike, but when I jump off the bike, I feel good.

“I think it was nice to ride here and Valencia, because these are two tracks you learn a lot, I think. These are two tracks that are really demanding for your riding style, and are really tricky for riding at MotoGP bike at.

“It's really hard to ride a MotoGP bike at Valencia and it's really hard to ride a MotoGP bike here, because these are two really narrow tracks with tight corners, and stuff like that. I'm looking forward to going to Sepang and letting the bike loose, letting it express its power, and see how it goes in a bit more flowing track.”


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I still think it was a bad decison to join Honda. MM vetoed MV in the HRC team and if Franky starts to lap as fast as him MM will make sure no new updates are delivered to the satellite team. Franky fought his way to MotoGP like no other rider and was already faster than Zarco in the last races both raced together.

Agreed getting on the satellite Honda was a mistake he should of just defended his Moto 2 title then move season after. If he starts getting close to factory Honda's he will for sure be taking down a notch or two, left in the dark so to speak with limited to no updates. 

Franco faught hard for where he is today but I don't think Honda will care, Franco on a factory Yamaha or factory Honda would be interesting because he has serious talent and is a pure racer, not worried about how he qualifies. 

Roll on 2018.

You're confusing Franco with Zarco. Zarco was officially denied factory bike when both Movistar riders openly turned down idea of using him for 2018 development

"MM vetoed MV in the HRC team and if Franky starts to lap as fast as him MM will make sure no new updates are delivered to the satellite team"

Hmm so MM vetoed MV who was straight up signed on by Movistar Yamaha when they wanted JL replacement rider. Honda didn't have any openings for MM to veto lmao.

You must be talking about flopsy vetoing Zarco 2018 bike idea as development rider at a GP press conference so publicly. No wonder ZarCo didn't get 18 bike next year. what a shame

Honda asked MM if it was ok for them to talk with MV and he said he wanted Pedrosa as team mate. If that's not a veto I'm not sure what it is!


I didn't know HRC wanted to talk to MV, but it's no suprise MM vetoed MV, MV would be a real threat, week in week out. He is fast consistent and put him on the factory Honda then he would be a massive threat.

To be fair you couldn't blame MM not wanting MV. But I'm not surprised.

If MV can't do right on Yamaha, what he can do on Honda?

on the repsol honda ? i think MV will challange MM every weekend for wins or podiums

It's utterly waste putting up any discussion here. 
Basically It's those brain fart stoner fans here rooting for MM.

Earlier It's was Rossi's fault to hijack Yamaha development & spoil MV's title chances. 

So they basically said, MV is a contender but VR & M1 were the problem. 

Now if you say MV would have won with a different good bike like Honda, they can shamelessly contradict their own statement to ask "If MV can't do with Yamaha, what can he do with Honda?".

Nothing to do with praising Vinales during season, it was actually to bash Rossi, now nothing to do with bashing Vinales it is actually to praise Marc. Vinales here is just a toy.

They give reference to no numbers, which they can't twist like they want but can give plain bullshit which they can twist and turn like all they can.

For example. 

You compare VR MM riding ability, their answer will be like, look what a sweet handling bike that Yamaha is & how bad that Honda is but Marc still wins on it.

All of a sudden if You want that sweet handling Yamaha to become a bad bike, compare VR MM as development  riders, their answers be like look how much VR has destroyed the Yamaha. 

Senna fool don't try to make others fool here. Yamaha didn't not snatch Maverick right away to replace Lorenzo. Dani, Iannone, Maverick were in contention & after a long thinking, it was Maverick who said yes to Yamaha's offer. 


Well said, everything you just said is exactly what's happening. Waste of time having a discussion when you have a forum with people like that. 

All they want is everyone to agree that MM is a god after everything he has done and everyone else is second best and VR is a total waster and if he is such a waster then whats the big deal if MM, JL, or any other rider beats him??? After all he is apparently an old good for nothing, in the way washed up fake champion!! 

So how is MM a god if he beats him????

FFs some experts here allrite.