MotoGP star Valentino Rossi has unveiled a special winter testing helmet design, during the start of Yamaha's private test at Sepang.

The AGV Pista GP R features a livery inspired by the symbols and colours of popular Mexican tradition.

The famous skulls decorated with geometric shapes and the artistry of coloured beads piqued The Doctor’s curiosity during a recent holiday in Mexico, providing the inspiration for his off-season helmet.

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“Huichol art immediately intrigued me, because it uses many of my symbols, like the sun and moon or the turtle” explained Rossi. “We have tried to recreate the effect of the beads that the Mexicans use to bring color and shape to these objects, but to do so with a Valentino Rossi twist.

"The helmet looks really good, Aldo Drudi did a great job, as did Davide [Degli Innocenti, graphics and coloring manager at Drudi Performance] in particular; he created the beads with a brush, one by one.

"We might say that the helmet has become a work of art, something we’ve never seen before."

This week's Sepang test marks the final time that Rossi will ride his M1 this year.


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Such fanfare, maybe they should have a parade to display it. 

Please wait for the next update... we'll disclose the underpants he'll be wearing at Winter testing...

yes, and then we'll give them to you so that you can have a nice sniff... grow up you plonker

 that's actually pretty cool. I wonder if AGV will market it.

I wonder if it provides aerodynamic advantages, or takes tenths off lap times.  Perhaps a new heads up display.

Otherwise, what is this about?

Ah, I think I know what's happened here. A company have made something and sent out a media release to tell everyone about it. No harm done.

Nice helmet, i like the way they explain the thinking behind their designs.

Rossi always has great helmet designs but they are not as good as before without the large Monster ads on them. Same goes for a lot of the paddock, and the bikes too

I dont get it. downvoted for not liking the 'M' logo that has taken over every kind of action sport and that kids smear their bikes and cars with?

Exactly...been wanting o buy a few replicas but the monster logo ruins them

looks like your tv monitor when your old NES video game went corrupt